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Another new model, should be announced at the end of October.

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I wonder with no 'coming soon' addition on the home page if the next release will be a limited edition, like the Ferrari 312T4 was...................

If there ever was a partworks  that should be released worldwide , the Centauria Ferrari 250GTO would be my first vote!



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Is this in all place Agora service? The UK website has no hint of a new model??  For all of you going to telford see you there.   

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On 11/5/2022 at 10:34 AM, Sandro said:

Sorry to bather you, but where do have „added“ the post?



Near the top there are buttons labelled 'Start new topic' and 'Reply to this topic'

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"water Comes first'  -a SHIP needs water and the Chevrolet Corvette  was named after a sailing ship

AND the 1963 Corvette was subtitled 'Stingray'  which also lives in water..

My guess is a 1963 'split window' Corvette coupe [at least I hope it is] in Silver, with red interior please!

On the other hand I've read that licensing fees from General Motors are exhorbant, so maybe not. 


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While the clue hunt is fun, I am planning out my model purchases. So, with Hachette already announcing the Dark Night tumbler (going to be doing) and potentially the Lancaster Bomber.


If you guys had the 1966 Batmobile then I can plan it in....but I just don't know

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