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  1. Hello, please can you email us so we can review your private account? All packs are up-to-date so please contact us. Thank you.
  2. Hello, it has shipped so please email us if you have not received your tracking number and check your spam/junk folder in case. Thank you
  3. Amazing collection! Hopefully a few more Agora Models too in future 😀
  4. Hi guys, Pack 11 started shipping and you should have the tracking on Monday or Tuesday. Some have started to receive the tracking already, it is on its way and Pack 12 is not far behind it 🙂 Thanks
  5. Hi Clint, we have very rarely heard this. Did you email the team? Please let us know which pack this was and we can review. Thank you
  6. Hi Eric, you have had an unfortunate return for no particular reason but your replacement pack is on its way. The team will have the tracking on Monday as per our emails with you. Thank you
  7. Hi Pierre, they have started to ship. As always the team will send the tracking details by email as soon as they are collected by the courier. Thank you
  8. Hi, as per the emails with you, the courier said this was delivered and this is what the tracking details that you have also says which is why we have asked you for your address. Please reply to our email. Thank you
  9. Hi Eagle36, can you email us so we can review your account and see which order you are referring to? Thank you
  10. That is most kind of you and very much appreciated. Thank you 🙂
  11. Yes we said we would send a new Stage 9 this week, thank you
  12. Hello, we have shipped Pack 10 from the UK. Please contact us if you have not yet received a tracking number for this. Pack 11 ships soon. Thank you
  13. Hi Sparky, we can see this resolved on Friday in the emails we had with you. Thank you
  14. We did send an email, hopefully you have it now. Thank you
  15. This is only for the T800 and for all countries. Thanks
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