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  1. Good questions. Our plan is to keep the models available permanently, though there maybe future licensing issues that prevent this of course. If we know that any are going to be discontinued then we will give you all plenty of advanced noticed. Currently none of the models on sale so far have an 'end-date'.
  2. thanks. All ideas and suggestions are going to be passed on to the development team!!
  3. thanks Matt, this is why we have the prototype to see what can be improved. I have passed your comments on the the development team 👍
  4. have a look at this forum post to see the 3D scanning gear used on the original car...
  5. The spare wheel is kept in the boot (trunk!) under a false floor:
  6. The prototype of our E-type is gorgeous!!! here are a couple of photos of inside the cabin: The bucket seats have been specially engineered to mimc leather at the 1:8 scale. (If you just use real leather it doesn't have a 'scaled' feel to it, 1:1 leather on a 1:8 car ???!!!)
  7. We just made one of the four Arado AR 196 seaplanes from the Bismarck. It's stage 3 from Pack 1. Here are some photos of the finished build. We will be uploading a video of the complete build shortly...
  8. The Leopard 2 is manufactured by KMW (Krauss-Maffei Wegmann). There are some great images and videos on the manufacturers. website: https://www.kmweg.com/systems-products/tracked-vehicles/main-battle-tank/leopard-2-a6/
  9. To prepare our prototype of the 1961 E-type we used a laser scanner to create a 3D computer-model of the real thing.. On this next image you can see the small dots that are stuck all over the body. This is because the paint-work is so reflective it can cause problems with the laser measurements so the system needs something to calibrate to. The alternative was to put a dulling polish over the body-work, but we didn't really want to do this, as is not our car!!! The blue lines are the laser picked up on the photograph
  10. yes, we are working on a Cobra one, though it is still very early stages still.
  11. The Zero website is going live tomorrow (18th Dec 20)
  12. Here you can see some images of the inside pages to see the "lay-flat" style...
  13. At Agora, we are always looking at ways of rewarding our loyal customers rather than just enticing new people with "Special Offers" (we're not a car insurance company, after-all!). So, we have created this amazing photo-book about the original 1967 Shelby Cobra Super Snake using the most stunning photos of the real car. When we were first creating we had the problem of the page-fold cutting through any large images, so we have found a printer who can use "lay-flat' printing technology to get a double page spread to, literally, lay flat. They're pretty expensive to make so we are sell
  14. We are targeting Pack 1 delivery in February. Not 100% confirmed yet because there is shipping/port chaos around the globe. However we are in production. This week our website for the Zero goes live and we have been making some videos where you can see the functionality in action. Interestingly it includes the sound of the only known recording of the original engine! A few of stills from one of the videos below:
  15. We were just looking at possibly re-writing a bit of it as one of the guys test reading for us thought one of the sections wasn't clear enough. It will be back up as soon as any correction is done
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