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  1. hi John, One question, why do you need them as a jpg rather than a pdf? thx.
  2. Here are a couple of Youtubers who are building the Zero if you want to follow them... 1. World of Wayne in the UK: 2. RC Tanks & Trucks24/7 in Australia:
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    pack 9

    The reality is that very few cobras are alike. For ours, we modelled it on a specific original at Shelby. Every part of the design goes to Shelby in Las Vegas for approval, and every model component once ready for production also goes to Shelby for individual sign-off, so we are confident that our model is an accurate replica of a 1965 S/C.
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  15. Tom over at the Scale Modeling Chanel is doing a major mod to the Super Snake, including changing the seat colors from black to tan, respraying the bodywork and much more. There is a bit of a teeze for the first three minutes 😉 of the vidoe but stay with it for some amazing work. Here are some screen grabs.. but best to watch the whole the video:
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