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  2. Yeah here I am thinking UPS is going to deliver it but instead it is hand to the post office instead which makes it 2 even 3 days late. Also this past delivery I got the tracking number the same day I got the package. I had been looking for the tracking number for over week and it came in useless. I know you folks are trying to correct problems better then other companies but seems like best idea is to try and use one courier vs getting it by post office here in the USA. I would gladly spend a couple extra if that’s what it takes to do so. And the boxes I’ve gotten aside from the first have been ok so far but I too worry about things falling out from the sides. You folks believe in quality but the delivery guys don’t give a rats ass sometimes I even had a tv delivered broken with them knowing full well the box showed a tv on it. Hoping this gets better in time
  3. Pack 5 arrived for me and it was beat up also. One corner torn and the left and right ends of the top were not taped down. If anybody in the delivery chain wanted to they could reach in and take anything. Lucky for me everything was intact and accounted for. Really need to add more tape and maybe stiffer cardboard. For me it was UPS almost to me then handed off to the US postal service for delivery. It did make it here very quickly this time. So that was a plus. Getting better.
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  5. Moin Mario hier, Bauphasen 42 bis 46. Linke Seitenwand , Rückwand und Kofferraumabdeckung mit Rückbank Damit ist das Pack 6 nun auch fertig. Gruß Mario
  6. I thought the same and took a look at the almost identical Deag build-up and it looks like theres a spring on the inside of each front wing which completes the forward suspension.
  7. It seems to be correct but it looks cheap and its very weak on the front axle. Its not the best bang for the buck in my opinion.
  8. Stage 5, oil filter and exhaust: I place the oil filter part 2 onto the oil filter holder. Then once they are aligned, I screw them together: Next, I take oil filter part 1 and drop it on to oil filter 2. It did not require any glue: Now I take the spacer, and line up the lug and holes with the oil filter holder and screw it in with one screw on the top hole: Finally, the oil filter assembly joins to the front engine plate using 2 more screws: Stage complete.
  9. I think I mentioned this before, but you've got to use more tape, guys. Reinforced taped at that. One strip on the front just isn't enough. Boxes are getting caught on machines, ripped when being picked up...plus in the US you've got DHL starting the delivery then passed to USPS to make the final leg of the delivery. Just lots of machines, hands and trucks to go through.
  10. Stage 5, the second exhaust: Firstly, the exhaust collector slots into the exhaust: The same process for building the first exhaust also applies to this one. So I put the pipes into the exhaust, making sure the numbers match. If the pipes are not going in for you, then they might be facing the wrong way. Just like before, make sure the numbers on the pipes are all facing inwards so they are not visible when in: Stage complete:
  11. Stage 4, part 2, exhaust: I lay each pipe out in order by the numbers on them. They correspond to the numbers on the exhaust collector. The correct way to put the pipes in is to have the numbers on the pipes facing each other when you put them in: Next, I put the exhaust plate onto the exhasut pipes. The flat side of the plate is facing away from the exhaust for correct positioning: As you can notice here, the bolts on the corners of the exhaust plate are facing towards the pipes: Stage complete!
  12. Stage 4, starting the engine: The first step of the engine is to put the air filter grille into the air filter bottom. Whilst holding the air filter in place, I now place the top air filter piece over the grille and secure with 2 screws: Next, I screw the carburetor top over the grille: Then I simply screw the carburetor bottom on with 2 screws: I now get the carburetor housing, and line up the lug and hole on the carburetor with the housing, then screw them together: Then I line up the 3 circles on the bottom of the carburetor housing, with the 3 circles on the engine block and screw them together:
  13. Are the 'OP' screws for driving into plastic and the 'OD's' for metal?
  14. 🤔 Just needs a dab of black on the valve cap to finish 🖌️
  15. For a small car, this is a big tire. I have it right here and It is worthy of display just by itself!
  16. Stage 3, wheel, seat and exhaust: Firstly, I place the Shelby badge into the centre of the steering wheel: Next, the two exhaust pipes slot into each other. The groove makes sure that the pipe is facing the correct way: Stage complete:
  17. Impressive to see tire sidewall engravings as well as the white lettering, and a tire valve too on the wheel.
  18. Hi Uglywolf, I am aware that Sam is already on to this. We are speaking to the courier company about how this could of happened. Also we are sending out the replacements. Thanks.
  19. Stage 2, the first wheel: To start, I place the metal wheel piece into the rim, and screw it in with 4 OPO3 screws: Next, I screw the other half of the rim onto the wheel with 4 more OPO3 screws: Now that the rim in built, I can now pull the tire over it. Check out our YouTube video if you get stuck: Now I fit the hubcap onto the Three-eared knock on like so (no glue or screws needed): On to the brake. I put the wheel hub through the brake disk, then screw the brake caliper on to the wheel hub: Now I take the brake assembly and put it on to the inside of the rim, then screw it from the outside: Lastly, the hub assembly sticks on magnetically to the wheel: Stage complete!
  20. Stage 1, the hood: In stage one we get the fine looking striped hood of the Cobra! It is made of metal and the paint finish looks excellent. First of all, I take the the rubber strips and then pull off the white cover so that I can stick it onto the hood in the position shown in the photo. both rubber parts go on symmetrically: Now I grab the air intake and screw it onto the hood from the underside using 3 OPO2 screws: Onto the hood latches. The handle goes in from the top, through to the underside. Then a spring fits onto the part of the handle protruding through: I then put the hood latch over the spring, and the hood lock ring over the hood latch. Be careful here, as if you let go of the spring it will launch the hood latch across the room, so secure it with a screw quickly: Stage complete!
  21. My pack #5 arrived today in terrible condition. The old-style box was used again and it arrived decimated. There are no instructions and only 7 blister packs in the box. If there was the usual 10 shipped then 3 are missing but without instructions, I don't even know which ones are missing. This is unbelievable. At this point, Agora have had problems every single month with getting packs out, delivery, lost items, poor packaging. What is going on? I am highly disappointed and frustrated at having to contact Agora multiple times every month.
  22. Love the pics, thanks for posting them. Any info about, the start of subscription, first pack shipment, if the ship plaque will included in the build, etc, etc. Any news would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  23. Hello Mark and Cobra, Many thanks for sharing your amazing MFH motorcycle build. The rendering is spectacular, I love it. I am ok with you on several points. The model is smaller but there are a lot of details. This is what I'm looking for above all. So I would rather have a smaller model with good detail than a large one with less detail. It may take 10 times more time to assemble it than the agora model. No matter the weather, this is my dream car and I don't expect to have 100 models in my house. I still have exoto to check, I'll buy a used one to see the level of detail I think. It is true that a 1/8 Vs 1/12 model would be great but the whole is really not given. And Cobra's comment on the Mustang doesn't reassure me. @Cobra: On the Mustang is the suspension system correctly represented or is it just the damping function present? Thanks to you guys and looking forward to reading you. Schuss
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