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  2. sorin NOBODYS had a number and lou's gone into hiding! "agora models,a brand you can TRUST" hahahaha BOLLOCKS...
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  4. Not heard anything more as yet....
  5. I agree with Wyatt. Postal service has been terrible here. I still have not received my pack 2 which shipped on June 2nd and all tracking on it stopped June 12th. It's now July 12th and no one knows where it is. This is incredibly frustrating especially for something so expensive.
  6. Any news? Did anybody receive their numbers? ๐Ÿคจ
  7. Absolutely love the pictures James! Thank you for your efforts. wyatt
  8. General Lou, I would like to make a suggestion to Agora decision makers if you could pass it on please. When the T-800 starts shipping here in the US please use UPS or FedEx as the shipper. It has been my experience that they are more reliable than the US postal system. The tracking system actually works and I know the package will get delivered. From an end user point of view this would provide great peace of mind. Thank you. Stay healthy, calm and safe, wyatt
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  10. Version 1.0.0

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    Shelby Super Snake Pack 6 Build Instructions
  11. Stage 21: Assemble right shoulder and connect up skull Nice and simple. The ratchet discs are glued into the shoulder joint. CA is used for quite a few bits in this latest pack. Some little covers are now glued into place to hide the jaw screws. I used white glue for these in case I need to pop them off afterwards and adjust the tension of the screws. These little pillars are superglued into the top of the head. I can only think they are to stick to magnets on the later panel. These fit perfectly. The top of the head is then screwed into place, being careful not to trap the wires. Stage 22: Connect the jaw, assemble the head These are a little fiddly to make as there are tiny pins that are needed for the pivot. Once made, they are glued into position on the jaw, but left unglued at the skull so they can move when the jaw opens/closes. And now for the face! This just pushes into position. Stage 23: Assemble the right shoulder joint Simply put....the shoulder joint. The instructions warn about orientation of parts, but they can be turned afterwards anyway. This is most important when it comes to fitting the later sections. Stage 24: Connect right hand to right arm I've looked forward to this....fitting the arm together!The knuckle is built, then screwed to the hand this then plugs into the larger lower arm piston, and then the other pistons are plugged into the hand. The springs are threaded through the holes in the hand and then connected to the lower finger area with a cap/plug that's glued in place with CA. Stage 25: Assemble right shoulder The shoulder can now come together. The orientation of the various orbital components is vital. Just follow the instructions to get it right! The joint is then closed up with the large captive spring. Some detail is then glued onto the joint. I removed the chrome plating from any plastic that needs to be glued to the metal. Stage 26: Connect right arm to elbow joint This part now needs to be unscrewed from the lower arm so that the upper arm can be fitted. Ratchet discs are then glued into position. The upper arm is connected to the lower arm with the forward piston first. This has a washer fitted to either side and is held captive by refitting the plate we just removed. Now the rear piston can be connected once the small metal sleeve is slotted into place. A screw holds it secure. The elbow pin is then inserted and tightened from the other side with a he'd-heqd screw. This can be locked and unlocked to position the arm. Stage 27: Assembling left and right shoulders The right shoulder socket is assembled and glued onto the joint. More superglue at work here! Stage 28: Continuing assembly of left and right shoulders Now for something meaty. The joint now has a neoprene sleeve fitted, followed by the shoulder plate and pin/cap assembly. This needs to be done carefully as the pin is plastic and is fragile until inserted. No.....I didn't damage mine! More of the same for this, as per the other shoulder. There is some repetition in these stages as we are working on areas on both arms simultaneously. Stage 29: Left shoulder build continues Stage 30: extend the left shoulder I'm presuming we start the other arm and continue with the shoulder in the next pack. I can't wait to start bolting sections together!
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  13. STAGE 39: INTERIOR DETAILS Front and Rear Floor Mats and Fire Extinguisher With this new pack, Agora is sticking with working on the interior, and there's detail work as well as the various panels. This first set of parts contains the rubber floor mats and fire extinguisher. The floor mats just push into the holes in the floor. One thing I did need to do was to remove a little of the fibre from the holes, as it was stopping the mat pins pushing fully home. A scalpel was used to clear the holes and the mats pushed firmly in, clicking as they locked into position. Remember those seats? Those are now fitted to the interior. Note the 'R' and 'L' on the underside and fit them in the appropriate place as shown on the instructions. Two screws hold each in position. The fire extinguisher is now assembled. The handle is pushed into the lower half as shown here, and then the upper half locks everything into position. A sticker is then carefully applied and the finished extinguisher plugged into place between both seats. Looking very, very cool! STAGE 40: REAR SEAT SUPPORT From here, the interior starts to take on a real life and shape of its own. There's only one part in this pack, and this is screwed into position with four screws. You also have to make sure that the tab in the tunnel area is clicked firmly into position as it was with an earlier interior stage. STAGE 41: INTERIOR REAR PLATFORM Another pack with just a single part, and this extends the interior even further back. Just three screws hold this in position. STAGE 42: LEFT REAR INTERIOR PANEL, Interior panel, Decorative Accessory and Rear Seat Release Lever I'm actually very pleased that the side panels are now being fitted as it gives some rigidity to the interior. A 'decorative accessory ๐Ÿคฃ' and rear seat release lever are screwed into position on the left interior panel. The panel is now screwed into position on the left hand side of the interior. Note that there is a pin locating position on the underside too, which keeps that connection rigid. STAGE 43: LEFT REAR UPPER INTERIOR PANEL AND VENTILATION GRILLE More work on the left hand side now with the upper left interior panel. The ventilation grille is pushed into position and then screwed from the rear. I needed to remove a little plastic flash from the edges of this, which neatened the whole part up. This panel is now fitted above the previous one with just two screws. This will be made far more rigid very shortly. STAGE 44: INTERIOR TRUNK PARTITION PANEL This single part is pretty obvious. It's the interior truck partition panel, and is held to the interior by three screws on the underside. It also secures to the upper left panel with a plug pin fit. I found it easier to push those in first and THEN fit the screws. STAGE 45: REAR SEAT FOLDING PANEL AND HINGE We now see some very tiny screws here, almost like those in a jeweller's box. First, the hinge is located as shown, and then three of those tiny screws are used to secure it to the rear seat folding panel....... STAGE 46: REAR SEAT BACKREST PANEL .....then we are onto the next pack of parts! Take the rear seat back, and rear seat back panel, and carefully push them together. Now screw the other edge of the single to the assembly. And, er......that's it for another month! Got to say I'm loving this build!!
  14. mate they should not make promises they cant keep lou told us 12 days ago they were sending um this week they've had 12 days type emails out! all that bollocks about asking folk for numbers should make no difference to those that had already requested one...
  15. Give them a chance to write the emails out before they batch send them writing close to 500 individual emails is a time consuming process.
  16. Man this is looking great, love the laser effect from the rifle.
  17. I sure hope so. I would love to be able to display it and keep it protected.
  18. I'm going to use the teeth, eyes and wrist joints from Modelmodz...just placed the order, when they arrive I'll begin the Terminator. I'm going to weather mine as I go to give it more of a combat look.
  19. Just placed an order...thanks!
  20. 6 hours ago lou said they were now sending numbers out,has anybody received theirs yet?
  21. SJW2511

    Model mods

    The eyes will take a lot of taking apart if you wait. and the teeth some amount of taking apart I would get what you plant to do as soon as you can, especially the eyes. The fingers can be done anytime
  22. We just recently contacted everybody who had not requested a specific number, if they wanted to request one. The closing date for that was yesterday. We will now be double checking to list and then send everyone's number out to them. We are now going to start sending out everyones numbers. Bear with us as there is a lot of individual emails to write! ๐Ÿ™‚
  23. Can you private message me with your address and I will send a new seat out for you.
  24. Yes, this is something we are working on and will hopefully be available pre Christmas
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