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  2. I just use a quality superglue.
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  4. what kind of glue do you suggest for the bismarck?
  5. So Hatchette might be doing a marketing trial for a 1/8 Batmobile Tumbler. Needs to come with a Morgan Freeman figure in character, no need for Batman. https://plaza.rakuten.co.jp/kazuw01/diary/202110160000/ wyatt
  6. very nice job and beautiful model! have you noticed that the fuel hose does not supply the carburetors?
  7. What an absolute beauty this car is. Only 1 issue with pack 12 the cable 05 extension was removed due to a fault with the engine noise playing constantly other than that the pictures I have uploaded give a sample of its beauty.
  8. AgoraSam


    Hello, Pack 1 ships next week. Thank you
  9. Carlo0418


    When are you coming FYND. L9. Waitin is not fun. But I’ll wait. No worries. Cmf
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  11. I also would love to see this; my favorite would be silver with red interior, fuel injected engine and alloy wheels with knockoffs---even if the bodywork was done in a fiberglass resin , to mimic the real car I would buy this.
  12. yes, it is true that the 1: 8 Revell kit is not very detailed. I would also really like a metal kit of this Corvette. I can imagine that a lot of people would be interested in such a kit.
  13. Hi Tommy, it is different for each customer depending on which is the next pack. Please email us and we can look at your account. Thank you
  14. Hello, it is scheduled for the last week of October 🙂
  15. I'd like to suggest this for a future release. I've seen (and have the kit) of the 1/8 scale '65 Corvette, but I do believe if you want to get the attention of a whole buncha folks, PLEASE do this car............. Of course, it would need to be a fuelie.........working rotating headlights, either the wheel covers or the knock off aluminum wheels as shown here. I do think you couldn't make enough of these! 👌
  16. Is there a time table of when the various packs will be sent out? I have had an email about delays saying back on track going forward. Will the build still go out a pack a month or will there be a multiple delivery to catch up?
  17. Does anyone know the date when pack 1 is being despatched. I know its October but when?
  18. ok pour l'interceptor de MAD MAX et une POURSUIT aussi,COOL
  19. Late to the party, I know, but I'm new here. My wishlist. '66 Barris Batmobile proper 1:8 scale (Be about the same length as Ecto-1, so we know it's viable.). "Skydiver with Sky 1" RC submarine from "U.F.O." - just to take on those who have managed to get the Bismark to float and be an RC ship. Robbie the Robot 1:2 scale. Mk 3 or later Iron Man 1:2 scale - and if they do that, IronMonger 1:2 scale. Robocop 1:2 scale Hammerhead fighter from "Space: Above and Beyond". 48" Eagle from "Space: 1999" The Tumbler Batmobile 1:8 scale "The Batman" Batmobile
  20. i hear what most of you are saying, and i was saying it would be a cool idea if agora made a new, metal version of eaglemoss's titanic model with electronic components such as spinning props, moving rudder, and moving anchors. what would be cooler is if they reached out to historians to try to make this more realistic that the wooden one coming out soon
  21. Stage 89 Electrical wires These just clip together, matching the numbers. Stage 90 Grill and front jacking points. The grill goes on with one screw. The jacking points each go on with one screw. Finally for this stage, a gratuitous shot showing the car loosely assembled!
  22. I got it delivered yesterday....body is absolutely beautiful. Pack 12 is scheduled to be delivered on Saturday this week
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