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  1. Mark and Matt, I agree with you guys. The attention to detail just doesn’t seem to be there. And not to come off like a jerk, just speaking candidly, I could really care less that lasers or infrared were used to make sure the body shape is accurate to within 0.01mm, if big opportunities for accuracy are going to be overlooked when it comes to all the other details. Yes, I want my body mold to be accurate, but to paint a picture, I would never perfectly restore the body of 300 SL Gullwing, to flawless paint perfection, only to cheap out on the interior or the engine bay. If I ever g
  2. Well, I pulled the trigger. Excited to see what starts showing up next month.
  3. I'm much more into real track or road cars than I am "movie" cars, but Chitty Chitty Bang Bang could be an exception to that for me. It would have to have old school Pocher level detail though. I'm talking real metal, hex screws, and the like. No exposed phililps heads are gonna get me to spend $1000+ on a fantasy car model.
  4. I totally agree on the rare and WOW factor. What’s funny though, is I feel the same way about the Cobra haha. I live in the states, and grew up in the muscle car hungry Midwest, so I’ve seen so many freaking Shelby Cobras. Now obviously, most were probably kits or replicas, but alas, from 30 feet away, who can really tell. I’ve only seen a couple E-type Jags that I can recall, so to me, that is a rare, WOW factor car. I second everything you said! I seek the detail seen in vintage Pocher kits, or new MFH kits. Honestly, if covid hadn’t hit, I would probably be done wit
  5. I see your point, and I’m sure others will be disappointed too. I’m not. I’m currently about halfway through collecting the DeAg Jag, and have only barely started building it. And although I would normally go for as much variety as possible, this, to me, is different enough to warrant building alongside the coupe. And I mean, c’mon, red and green, on display next to one another!? I think it would look great. Honestly, I was only planning to maaaaaybe add one more part work subscription to my ongoing list this year. Now, I’m really looking hard at the Zero and the Jag.
  6. Yes, I would out a T Bird high on my build list
  7. Very exciting. I’ll be checking back tomorrow
  8. Thanks for sharing! This is an interesting release for sure.
  9. Prinoth Snow Groomer? Man...I've always wanted...one..of...yeah no.
  10. I like the highly detailed/operational surfaces/lighting idea. I even enjoy building an accurate scale airframe, knowing that it’ll mostly hidden unless you cut away panels. Accuracy is what it’s all about to me. However, I pretty much only build military planes. Commercial planes just all more or less look the same, and don’t really do much for me...Long white tubes with a logo on the side and some slanted wings. The only exceptions to that may be some of the unique old school passenger planes like the DC-3 or Ford Tri-Motor.
  11. Personally, not really my cup of tea. I pretty much just stick to the good ol’ transportation models...cars, planes, maybe a ship or railroad or two.
  12. Well Mark, I don't want to spoil too much for you, and I could certainly be way off on my own guess, but if you look through the articles Agora has published so far, you can find a clue or two 😉 I hope my guess is right, because if it is, it's a model I would love to build.
  13. Thanks for sharing! I can’t wait to see your next update
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