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    Here is the wheel that comes with pack one: Yes there are metal studs around the wheel, and the metal wheel is sandwiched just like the real car:
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    The cobra in the video is plastic. This is how we 3d print the prototypes. The car that you will be getting will be metal. The picture i posted of part of the Cobra engine is made using a lot of metal. That bit ways 400 grams. Today I am building the chassis frame which comes in pack 3 and this is all zinc. It is hard to know quite yet but the final weight of the whole car will be at least 7 kg (15 lbs)
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    PH0 and PH00 Screwdrivers with a shaft of 60mm; Plastic Side cutters (best if you can get a single Blade pair for cleaner cuts); #2 hex key (just in case you lose the one that comes with the build); A magnifier headset (depending on where you are building it one with a light); A pin drill and dress pin (for more precise application of the glue)
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    Or the red barons tri-wing kite...
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    Agora certainly has been busy to appeal to builders of different subjects so far; perhaps aircraft should be the next consideration. I hereby suggest an icon of World War II aircraft, the P51 Mustang, what a display this would be with the polished fuselage:
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    Perhaps not, but who knows after the SUV turned into WWII battleship...🤔
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    It's looks like Santa is coming !!!!!!!!!
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    Hello Agora, it's already september now, and i and maybe some more people like to ask you.... when do you start with the delivery of the first parts of the Cobra. The reason for this question.... we are so bloody unpatiently(me in the first place)
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    You can make parts from metal wich are crap and plastic part wich are looking great. As long as i dont get a weak plastic suspension like the Mustangs one, i dont really care. Quality is what counts.
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    - Plastic cutter. I bought these from ebay https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/313104356552 - A longggggg PH00 screwdriver with min 10cm reach for the pistons. Otherwise you cannot reach the screw. - I also bought magnifier glasses as my eyes aint the best. Some quite fiddly bits along the way.
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    i understand the base is exclusive, as it should be, but will there be a cover option as well, would hate to get my collectors edition dusty or dirty while on display
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    When offering a more basic display stand, please consider a display cover , either as an option or inclusive.
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    i'd love it to be one of them but unfortunately its not european...
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    I have uploaded a few more photos for you. These are of the pre production samples that I am testing:
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    Here are some photos of the Shelby Cobra prototype from our studio
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    We have had one problem with licensing some of the photos. This has now been resolved and as soon as we have received the hi-res photos we will be sending the book to print.
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    I'd love to get a proper display case for this model too
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    I'm on stage 78 as I have been building this in the uk from hachette since it started. I can confidently say the build.so far is superb. The details are incredible..lots of tiny fiddly parts to glue, lots of photo etch detail parts and plastic sprues etc. And lots and lots of lights, motors and other cool electronics!
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    I have just checked, and the Plasma Rifles are on the way to the warehouses right now.
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    @General Lou, so what happened here? I know you guys are super busy with all the new kits coming, and with fulfilling current kits to customers, but weren't we suppose to get these within July? Any update would be greatly appreciated. Thanks 🙂
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    It’s not Agora’s fault and it’s not just the USPS that has issues with deliveries. ALL the logistics companies have been off lately. I live in Florida and I’ve had a USPS package that went from Georgia, northern Florida, southern Florida, New York and back to Southern Florida again! Right now I am waiting on a replacement part from Deagostini that went from the UK, Miami (stuck there for 10 days), Georgia, The Netherlands, Brussels and finally made it back to Miami today (so I should hopefully get it after the holiday). This package was shipped on the 14th of August by DHL. I can tell you a few more tales about packages lately. Moral of the story, the delivery issues have to do with the package delivery company not the shipper. Hang in there and be patient!
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    Hello Johnnyrotten13, Of course, it doesn't make you forget the UK V8s. Without Ac Ace there certainly wouldn't have been these cobras. A thought for the British! 😉 Long live the US and UK V8s ✌️😇
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    dont forget the cars british!
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    Thank you General Lou . Wow that looks awesome. I just can’t wait to start.
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    Thank you General Lou for these clarifications on the details. You are seriously starting to tie knots in my brain. Great detail and quality looking at the photos. You are seriously starting to doubt me ... I will wait for other details before positioning myself on the final manufacturer that I will choose Thanks again, Schuss 😉
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    I hope that the quality is better as the Mustangs one. To much cheap and weak plastic on it.
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    In the Video he it says that it is plastic but the one we buy its going to be metal. That is why the blue is lighter and chrome not shiny
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    the prototype is all plastic but the general release will i expect have lots of metal including the chassis..
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    World of Wayne did a Showcase video of the cobra a few days ago here is the link to that video so you can see the prototype.
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    I like also to see more pictures of the Cobra, the chasis, the trunk etc..... the pictures are little bit scarce on detail. The most of us people like to see what there buying, and it's not a sheap model. Please give us more pictures of the Cobra !!!!!! Kind regards,
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    yes very true how knows ? Agora may be taken by the transformers
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    I can't wait to start this build. I watched the video's of World of Wayne about the Bismarck and i am inpressed!
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    Hi Mr_Coke, We shall definitely post some images of the detail within the cobra in a few weeks. The cobra prototype is currently held out of office. As soon as we get it back, we shall take some more photos.
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    Hello Mr_Coke I have looked at this as-well en if i look at the different video's of people building agora models there very Happy and commend Agora Models on there quality
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    I sure hope so. I would love to be able to display it and keep it protected.
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    Yes, this is something we are working on and will hopefully be available pre Christmas
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    Good idea on the cover - we're on it!!!
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    Well, looks like Atlaya is starting a trial in France of a Star Wars AT-AT (All Terrain - Attack Transport). 1/47 scale - 56.4 cm (22 3/16 inches) long. Any Star Wars fans salivating yet? The URL worked before, but seems to change for some reason, So, use the link below to go to the news page and scroll down. Use your preferred translation app (google translate works for me) and peruse the news of partswork kits. Sorry for the hassle. Thanks for your help Tinkertoo. https://plaza.rakuten.co.jp/kazuw01/diaryall/
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    The hachette model has the same problem too. Filing the spring works intermittently for some people and not others. Be ware of the under size eyes and floppy fingers and wrist joint too and LOTS of plastic. Everything after the upper arm is plastic.
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