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    We will be letting everyone know what number plate they will be getting next week.
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    Shelby have some awesome cars, but you should know that we are working on a variety of products at the moment.
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    Instruction go out on the last week of each month
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    Yessss! Pack 1 finally arrived for me here in Vancouver in little under a month, it ironically arrived the same day the 2nd payment left my account for pack 2! all in great condition - so stoked to get going on it!
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    Absolutely love the pictures James! Thank you for your efforts. wyatt
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    General Lou, I would like to make a suggestion to Agora decision makers if you could pass it on please. When the T-800 starts shipping here in the US please use UPS or FedEx as the shipper. It has been my experience that they are more reliable than the US postal system. The tracking system actually works and I know the package will get delivered. From an end user point of view this would provide great peace of mind. Thank you. Stay healthy, calm and safe, wyatt
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    STAGE 39: INTERIOR DETAILS Front and Rear Floor Mats and Fire Extinguisher With this new pack, Agora is sticking with working on the interior, and there's detail work as well as the various panels. This first set of parts contains the rubber floor mats and fire extinguisher. The floor mats just push into the holes in the floor. One thing I did need to do was to remove a little of the fibre from the holes, as it was stopping the mat pins pushing fully home. A scalpel was used to clear the holes and the mats pushed firmly in, clicking as they locked into position. Remember those seats? Those are now fitted to the interior. Note the 'R' and 'L' on the underside and fit them in the appropriate place as shown on the instructions. Two screws hold each in position. The fire extinguisher is now assembled. The handle is pushed into the lower half as shown here, and then the upper half locks everything into position. A sticker is then carefully applied and the finished extinguisher plugged into place between both seats. Looking very, very cool! STAGE 40: REAR SEAT SUPPORT From here, the interior starts to take on a real life and shape of its own. There's only one part in this pack, and this is screwed into position with four screws. You also have to make sure that the tab in the tunnel area is clicked firmly into position as it was with an earlier interior stage. STAGE 41: INTERIOR REAR PLATFORM Another pack with just a single part, and this extends the interior even further back. Just three screws hold this in position. STAGE 42: LEFT REAR INTERIOR PANEL, Interior panel, Decorative Accessory and Rear Seat Release Lever I'm actually very pleased that the side panels are now being fitted as it gives some rigidity to the interior. A 'decorative accessory 🤣' and rear seat release lever are screwed into position on the left interior panel. The panel is now screwed into position on the left hand side of the interior. Note that there is a pin locating position on the underside too, which keeps that connection rigid. STAGE 43: LEFT REAR UPPER INTERIOR PANEL AND VENTILATION GRILLE More work on the left hand side now with the upper left interior panel. The ventilation grille is pushed into position and then screwed from the rear. I needed to remove a little plastic flash from the edges of this, which neatened the whole part up. This panel is now fitted above the previous one with just two screws. This will be made far more rigid very shortly. STAGE 44: INTERIOR TRUNK PARTITION PANEL This single part is pretty obvious. It's the interior truck partition panel, and is held to the interior by three screws on the underside. It also secures to the upper left panel with a plug pin fit. I found it easier to push those in first and THEN fit the screws. STAGE 45: REAR SEAT FOLDING PANEL AND HINGE We now see some very tiny screws here, almost like those in a jeweller's box. First, the hinge is located as shown, and then three of those tiny screws are used to secure it to the rear seat folding panel....... STAGE 46: REAR SEAT BACKREST PANEL .....then we are onto the next pack of parts! Take the rear seat back, and rear seat back panel, and carefully push them together. Now screw the other edge of the single to the assembly. And, er......that's it for another month! Got to say I'm loving this build!!
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    I'd recommend doing a test-fit of the faceplate (Part 1-1) once both sides of the head are attached to the top (Stage 17-3). It turned out that, for me, the slot on the left side of the faceplate was too narrow to fit snugly to the notch on the left side of the head. Required a little filing to open it up a bit. I'm sure you'll appreciate it if you do this now, rather than discover it later.
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    Hello , I´m Mario from Germany. Here i start with my Super Snake Issue 1 I have also a Video on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V_wbmO9_jFk Many Thanks Greetings Mario
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    File the sharp edges of the spring and add some grease, the shoulder rotation will more than likely bind in one direction without this, you have been warned
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    Yes I agree that stickers can be tricky! This is a good idea that we can use for the future. For now, if you ever need a replacement, please let us know.
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    Stage 39, floor mats and fire extinguisher: First of all, I press the driver and front passenger floor mats into the floor, making sure the bar shape on the mat is away from the pedals. The I do the same thing for the rear passenger floor mats (both left and right mats are the same, so it doesn’t matter which side they go in): Tip for if your mats are not going in easily: I use the Agora screwdriver and put it in the screw holes then rotate it around to slightly widen the hole: Once I get the mats all the way, I put the passenger chair on. It does matter which of the two chairs you use. If you lay the chair flat and then bend the backrest forward, you will notice that it is at a slight angle. The chair needs to angle inwards as to give the rear passenger more room to get into the car: Now I place the drivers chair on and screw it in with 2 more screws: If you want, you can attach the seatbelts to the plug. I leave mine undone because there is no-one sitting in the chair. If you have a toy figure, go ahead and use that 🙂 The next part I do is optional. I add a small drop of glue to the underside of the car to hold the seat belts in place: Onto the fire extinguisher. The two red sides have gaps at the top to allow the silver handle part to go in: I squeeze the sides together, but some excess paint on the lug had stopped them from fitting flush. I use a scalpel to scratch it off: So now that I have joined the sides together, I use a cleaning cloth to clean the face of the extinguisher in preparation for adding the sticker. I recommend you do the same as the sticker will peel off by itself if the surface isn’t clean: Now I place the sticker onto the fire extinguisher. I tried to get the sticker as accurately placed as I could, so yours should look something like this: I now push the fire extinguisher onto the car. It will hold itself there so no need for glue: And the stage is now complete
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    OMG, that is amazing authenticity when you consider that no other vehicle would ever have been fitted with these 'test' tires/tyres! Might as well throw out the mold/mould when you get all the Super Snakes made!
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    I tried them but they do not fit 😞 However we are going to be making a spare set of Goodyear Speedway tires available shortly. These are the usual tires found on a mustang in 1967
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    Yeah the jaw connectors look great. For me, method two was easier, but then you are relying on the balance of the pin, and sometimes the pin will just fall straight through. So method one is easier when the pin doesn't stay balanced. Feel free to leave tips if you have any when you come to do it!
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    Download pack 6 instructions should be available tomorrow 🙂
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    Hi Scalerc, We are aware that Sam has been speaking to you a lot over this issue. We had a rare and unusual problem with USPS with your delivery but as per the tracking it should arrive soon. Also, Sam has informed us that he has spoken to you about your next delivery being sent with a different courier and that we are making sure your next delivery will be smoother. Please email us again if there is anything else we can do in the meantime. Thanks
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    I will check out whether the tires on the cobra fit on the Super Snake
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    Ausgaben 7 , 8 und 9 Die rechte Tür Issue 7,8 and 9 The right door. Video on YouTube: Grretings Mario
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    This is planned later this year, but no firm date yet.
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    OK so pack two finally arrived yesterday, I would have done a review then but lost power for most of the night...anyhow item was shipped May 17, got to Los Angeles for some reason instead of NYC.....on May 28th......and from there it was in impound jail until June 21st.......almost a month. With all the turmoil of COVID-19, and the shenanigans of the BLM rioters international mail was shut down. When the box finally arrived it looked all the world like the protesters were using it to break into the stores with there. My heart sunk, because I thought I was going to do the call of shame to AGORA and try to get a replacement. Not to worry. Because of how they packaged it with bubble wrap everything was perfect. None of the blister packs were crushed, or parts broken. I was over the moon. seriously. If I were to make any helpful critique, it would be to put the packaging tape along the shorter top edges. It would keep those from springing open and possibly have a errant screw or part escape the box. It would cost perhaps a few cents per box? I dunno. Anyhow great packaging 👍 Thank you AGORA for taking the time to package things fantastically to survive even...ahem...challenging times.
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    Construction phase 22 - The right leaf spring Place the leaf spring and the two shackles in front of you and align them accordingly. Put a pin through the shackle and the leaf spring and carefully press the two together with a pair of pliers.Once both shackles have been installed, guide the leaf spring from below to the chassis and place the shackles in the holder. Screws the shackles from above with one MP01 screw each. Then we put the mounting plate over the leaf spring on the axle and fasten it with two MP05 screws.
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    Thank you General Lou for your lightening fast response! I am thrilled that this has been addressed and the tires will be accurate. Aroga continues to impress me with their stellar customer service and impeccable attention to details!
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    Issue 4, 5 and 6 It is a lot of fun to screw on this car !!! Greetings Mario
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    I have many fun . Issue 2 and 3. The left door with window Greetings Mario
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    Pack 1 instructions will be available to download from our site next week. You can download from anywhere around the world.
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    It could be worse and it could be being held hostage by Royal Mail like mine packs are by the looks of the things... no updates on the tracking since the tacking number was provided to me from Agora models, under three weeks ago.
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    DAMN Los Angeles....in another week my pack two will be hostage for a month. Fraq.....
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