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Thanks to everyone for your nice comments! We will be sharing more details on here over the next few days and onto January as we get closer to shipping pack 1 to our first customers! 🙂 

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Hi Everyone!

Congratulations on the new endeavor Liam!  I am new to this whole idea of building large scale part work models, and I am very intrigued by your new offering.  It sounds like efforts have been made to ensure a higher than standard level of accuracy and detail, and that is exactly what I look for when picking a new model.  I’ve just subscribed to two other kits available in the US, though I wish I’d known about this new release first, as I would have preferred this to one of my other choices.  Nonetheless, I suspect a few good build threads about this beautiful Shelby might be able to sway me to sign up for a third 😉


As for a little about me, I grew up building plastic model kits from the age of 3 onwards, switched primarily to building paper models (Halinski, GPM, etc) around the age of 10, and pretty much stopped all model building at the beginning of college, over 10 years ago.  I now live in a rather small apartment in a big city, so the idea of not having to worry much about painting or other mess making has made these pre-painted kits very attractive offerings.  I’m sure I will end up adding a few extra detailing bits here and there, and I’m already scouting for upgrade and trans-kits.  But overall, the option to complete a model without needing to create an airbush station seems perfect for my current living situation.  

Thanks for welcoming me into the community!  I look forward to learning and sharing with you all, and sincerely hope that this is the beginning of a great new source for finely detailed 1/8 cars.  Please keep the teasers coming!


edit: sorry if this was the wrong thread for such a long introduction.  Is there a better subsection for this?

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Hi Liam et al,

Congratulations on the launch of Agora Models.  I’m looking forward to seeing a fantastic car, and a company that is committed to giving a top class service.  

Good luck!

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I hope this is a success. I have built a number of part works and currently running three, Hatchette Black Pearl (I had to put that on hold due to wife's illness and moving home but now nearly completed it at the local MenShed. i am also doing the Bismarck also from Hatchette and the HMS Victory. The only car I have built was the James Bond Aston Martin some years ago, which displays very well. 

I am looking forward to this new model of yours coming along. I saw it on You Tube with Wayne's World and so will be running along side him for tips. 

I trust your venture will go well.


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Hello Liam. Just finished the Supersnake and what a model. The quality is very good. The only modification I did was paint the door jambs white. It is a very beautiful example of a great car. Most model companies cannot get the front end right but your front end is perfect. Going to display it at the West coast NNL. After this covid stuff. Great job sir!!!! 








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