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DB5, Pack 6

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Hi All,


Pack 6 includes the 4th wheel, exhaust pipes, the circuit board, and the drivers seat as well as interior detail parts. 

As usual for the wheel I refer you to the excellent video, found here;


Also, I'll not be mounting the wheel and tire slasher just yet, as I prefer to have the build up on all 4 wheels at the same time.


Stage 42, Installing the exhaust pipes


This is a simple stage! Start by assembling the 4 muffler halves, screwing them together with PS05 screws. Then, mount each muffler to the floor pan, screwing them down from the inside with more PS05 screws.


Next, insert the right hand exhaust pipe into the muffler, and then the posts on the pipe into the socket in the floor pan, again screwing it down from the inside of the pan. Repeat this for the left exhaust pipe as well.


This completes stage 42.


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Stage 43, Detailing the cockpit floor


This stage is a fair bit more time consuming, as the carper is laid down, which requires some care.


Start with carpet piece C, and peel the backing paper off. This piece goes over the raised section on the drivers side of the cockpit. I would recommend a dry run or two with the backing paper still on, so you can get a feel for how to get it laid down smoothly. As noted in the directions, I started with the front, and worked my way back. Once the large area is laid down, go back and do each side.


Next is piece B. This goes down fairly easily. Start with the outside edge, and work your way to the center. Next, repeat the process with carpet piece A, again starting with the outside edge, and working your way to the center.


Now, for a bit more of a challenge, Carpet piece 4! Start with the inside edge this time, after a dry run or 3. This piece is not the easiest to place down, so pay attention to the steps as listed in the build guide. Repeat these steps with piece 3. Start with the openings and it will be a fairly smooth process.


The last bits of carpeting are for the transmission tunnel. After the last two pieces, these are pretty simple to put into place.


Once the carpeting is laid down, it is time to assemble the gearstick and knob. Place the knob onto the gearstick and press home. Pay attention to the markings as they can rub off with handling. Once the knob is on the stick, mount the gear stick onto the gearstick cover. Place this assembly onto its location and secure from the underside. (As others have noted, this creates a rather vulnerable assembly, so exercise caution so as to not break it off later)


The penultimate step for this stage is to mount the handbrake lever. this is again secured from the underside with a screw.


Lastly, mount the power switch. press this firmly into its socket, then fix it into place with the bracket, pressing the bracket onto the two pins. secure the wire run with the two wire brackets.


Stage complete!



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Stage 44, assembling the gadget control panel


Start by fitting the gadget panel over the controls, then fit the red safety cover.


Next, fit the gadget controls into the center console, and secure from the underside with a PS26 screw.


Now, fit IMG_6950.jpg.9961d5c35c0ba14f6bf96ee37a6d1d7e.jpgIMG_6951.jpg.ff4cd7a096a465648a4740712e4e9a27.jpgthe hinge to the console lid, ensuring that the barrel is facing up. secure the hinge with 2 PS26 screws, then attach the cover to the center console, also with 2 PS26 screws.


Next, fit pedals A thru C to the floor. The pedals are lettered, and the floor also has matching letters. Next, fit the pedal trim to the floor, and secure from the underside with 2 PS05 screws.


Lastly, mount the center console to the transmission tunnel, again driving 2 PS05 screws home from the underside.


Stage finished.



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Stage 45, Fitting the circuit board and wires


There is not really a lot to add to the directions on this stage. Follow the directions as they are written, and your wiring will turn out just fine.




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Stage 46, preparing the driver seat base


Start by pressing the adjustment knob onto the seat adjustment lever, then place the foam insert into the seat base, with the wedge shapes matching up. Nextwrap the seat cover over the seat, making sure to get the openings to match up to the plugs on each side.




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Stage 47, assembling and fitting the drivers seat


Start by fitting the foam insert into the seat back rest, then wrap the cover around the base, as in the previous stage. Next, assemble the hinge brackets with PS36 screws, making sure they move freely. Mount the hinge brackets to the backrest, them fix the assembly to the seat base. Lastly, mount the seat to the cockpit floor and fix in place with 2 PS05 screws.


(pardon the lack of photos. They somehow got corrupted and won't load)






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