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  1. From Nuremberg 2020 by Eligor
  2. no of course and thank you for your build diary. I received this pack in december but i need to wait the first shipment to make diary so 5£ is for me 😁
  3. Nice job but you are not the first to have this pack 😉
  4. https://people.bfmtv.com/cinema/la-mustang-conduite-par-steve-mcqueen-dans-bullitt-vendue-3-7-millions-de-dollars-1839126.html
  5. 1966 Jaguar XJ13 - 5.3-liter V-12 engine, Replica by Tempero Sold For $478,000 The first of six reproductions of the legendary prototype Hello Agora Models ..........
  6. arfff ....... NO "TV/Movie ideas" Take a look what we have now in France ...... 120 numbers and 1421 euros for that ! 😥😱😬 https://www.hachette-collections.com/fr-fr/collection-voiture-gaston/
  7. Gran Torino de Starsky & Hutch is in France.
  8. You must make the most fabulous car of the world .......... The Citroen SM Maserati.
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