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Bismarck photos

General Lou

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On 10/19/2020 at 12:53 PM, Partwork_Modellbau said:

Hi everyone 🙂

My name is Patrick and I'm from Germany, the first country where the Bismarck launched in January 2019. We are now at stage 90/140, here you can see the build so far. I added the camouflage stripes on the superstructure by myself, the build only has them on the hull section.

Follow my YouTube-Channel Partwork_Modellbau if you are interested in watching the Bismarck and other projects growing 🙂













Patrick your work is fantastic, on your YouTube channel your missing the first few parts 1-15.

do you paint the model as you go??

have you only added the stripes or has there been other repainted?

which model paints did you use??

just starting our one, hoping it turns out like yours ha ha



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I've actually bought some premium rigging (elastic) thread.  But this won't be done until 139/140, which for me is around Easter next year.  I've always loved building battleships (since the 70's).  This is a great build.  I just hope they release that metal hulled U-Boat next.

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