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  1. There is no physical instruction book for the Bismarck build, it's all on .pdf's that you download, from here: https://www.agoramodels.com/us/download-center-us/#four or here: https://community.agoramodels.com/files/category/1-files/?sortby=file_name&sortdirection=asc
  2. Word of warning to others thinking of buying these sets from North Star models. I ordered 3 sets from them in March of this year, just got my money back from Paypal. it's seems that North Star is Kaput (or something else has happened) but the Website is running in auto mode. I have tried everything I could trying to contact them (so did Paypal) to find out what was going on with my order. No response from any email I used. If you can find a set elsewhere, get it as soon as you can., cause this product is out of stock everywhere. If anyone has Information about what is going on with N
  3. I'm afraid that shipping for pack 10 is at least another 7 - 10 days away... that's what Agora CS told me, no reason explained.
  4. That's a business relationship, not a customer one. All those youtubers that get the kits before us also provide a very valuable service to us and the business alike. Post packaging and instruction QA, plus provide a visual build instruction to the community. For sure it can be annoying to wait forever for the next pack, but rest assured that YOU WILL get your pack, sooner or later... hey we are living in a nasty pandemic where everyone and their dog is ordering things to be delivered...
  5. Those are not ribs, they are plate segments of the hull (That's how we build the hull, it is made out of die cast metal pieces, it's not one whole piece), and yes that is the way they will look.
  6. It shipped today, not bad turn around time.... thank you Agora.
  7. Give it a few days and if you haven't received an email by then, contact customer support. I'm sure they have enough rifles to go to all subscribers. P.S I wouldn't link any personal information in a public forum.
  8. Better late than never ☺️ Got the email yesterday as well, $99 USD plus shipping, bought it right away. To make sure processing goes quickly and easily you might want to put your Terminator Subscription number into the order comments (not needed but it might make verification quicker for your order).
  9. I would love to see a Unimog build available in NA. Does anyone know if the build in Germany is a trial, or a fully supported build?
  10. It was shot down by a Japanese Zero...🤪 https://www.agoramodels.com/us/zero-2/
  11. There are probably way more options than these, just did a quick search, if you spend some time, I'm sure you'll find more. https://northstarmodels.com/product/1-200-german-kriegsmarine-ww2-figures-in-action-set-1/ https://northstarmodels.com/product/1-200-german-kriegsmarine-ww2-figures-in-action-set-2/ https://northstarmodels.com/product/1-200-german-kriegsmarine-ww2-figures-in-action-set-3/ https://freetimehobbies.com/1-200-eduard-kriegsmarine-crew/ https://freetimehobbies.com/1-200-bismarck-photo-etch-german-officers-eduard/ Also check out Z scale train access
  12. DITTO!!!! Exactly buy I bought the Agora/Hachette Bismarck, I too have the Trumpeter Kit with the Pontos Basic/Advanced Set with laser cut deck. What I love about the Agora set is all the electronics/lights/movement/weight..... I will probably turn my Trumpeter Bismarck set into a Tirpitz to display along with the Agora.... ONLY things I do not like about the Agora/Hachette version of the Bismarck is the, 1: Toy like deck color and details, 2: Some of the PE (photo etch) in the kit is very thick and not to scale (Although in a moving model some of this detail does need to be tou
  13. This model is purely for display, it has a die cast hull, made up of hundred plus pieces, put together with screws.... it would sink like a rock. You want to buy the Trumpeter 1/200 Bismarck if you want to float your boat. One piece thick styrene hull.
  14. That's fantastic info, based on the dimensions of the ship, which are: Length: 1252 mmHeight: 300 mmWidth: 180 mm This will work out great....The best part of the news you provided, is the type of acrylic you will be using, PERSPEX, that's FANTASTIC, perspex, has great optical and Anti-UV properties. Looks like I will be buying the case, thank you so much @General Lou!!!!
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