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  1. On a positive note, I just received Pack three. A big thank you!! to Agora management for the new shipping boxes. Very stout and secure. Well done!! The blue boxes were very attractive but just couldn't hold up to the rigors of the postal services. Now, with UPS, FedEx or DHL it will be perfect. wyatt
  2. Absolutely love the pictures James! Thank you for your efforts. wyatt
  3. General Lou, I would like to make a suggestion to Agora decision makers if you could pass it on please. When the T-800 starts shipping here in the US please use UPS or FedEx as the shipper. It has been my experience that they are more reliable than the US postal system. The tracking system actually works and I know the package will get delivered. From an end user point of view this would provide great peace of mind. Thank you. Stay healthy, calm and safe, wyatt
  4. You're off to a great start James. Great pics and thanks for sharing.
  5. Just received tracking number for Pack 2. Shipping from the UK.
  6. That's not a good thing to hear. My package is still in limbo after leaving the UK 7 days ago. I've been charged for Pack 2. Be interesting to see how long that one takes. World of Wayne is in the UK and I believe he's working with Agora, so his packs will be perfect. Fingers crossed the packs arrive soon and in good shape.
  7. Greetings folks, Just saw that Wayne, from https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnqD64BMSRW6S8phmT1gohw/videos has started his second build of a Terminator T-800 kit. This time from Agora Models. Looks like he's working with Agora to do this build which is a great idea, as Wayne is easy to listen to and does a fantastic youtube channel. Check him out as he has done a complete video of Pack 1 build that all of us will be receiving soon. Another site I'd like to recommend for tips and hints is https://myterminatort800.com/build/ Very well laid out website and he's up to Issue 50. He has other builds going on as well. Just checked my tracking number (May 14,2020) and my Pack 1 has left the UK on the way to the US. Cheer!
  8. Good bit of progress there Sascha. Looking great so far.
  9. Welcome Mario. Nice start to the SS. Enjoy your build, we will.
  10. Here's part of the email notification Agora sent me today; We hope you are still keeping safe and healthy during these challenging times. We are delighted to tell you that your Pack #1 of Terminator T-800 has been processed and we are shipping this directly to you from our UK hub. Your tracking number with Royal Mail International is zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Due to shipping restrictions and delays caused by COVID-19, please allow an extra 7 days for delivery. The payment for Pack #2 will be processed on May 20th and we will ship Pack #2 to you within 48 hours. We will of course contact you then to send you your tracking number. An extra 7 days to what I don't know. I'm stateside, so we'll see.
  11. Well how about that. Just received my tracking number. Look what you started YeepYeep. Cheers!
  12. Good news for you YeepYeep. Hopefully more will be rolling out on this side of the pond.
  13. Edited the original post. New link. Thanks Tinkertoo.
  14. Very nice beginning Sascha. Great pictures also. Thanks.
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