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  1. Greetings folks, I received my email notification with tracking number for pack 12 (I'm in the USA). The link given takes you to the home page for DPD, which isn't very friendly to find where you can track your package. Use this link to go to their tracking page; https://www.parcelmonitor.com/ then enter your tracking number at the top. Don't be surprised if it doesn't find anything. Usually when you get your tracking number the package hasn't been picked up yet. Check daily to see how long it takes. Keep trying. I've never heard of DPD, so I'm guessing they offered Agora a
  2. BigDee, Eagle36 and others interested, go to World of Wayne's YouTube channel -link below- for a peek at an upcoming vid he's doing concerning this model. Looks interesting. Skip forward to 8:36 minutes and then stay tuned until next week for the full vid. I won't be doing this build as I'm waiting for the Routemaster Bus. BigDee, your build list is most impressive. Looks like you'll need a separate room to display them all. wyatt
  3. John, you still out there? Looks like my wish (and other folks) has come true. The Routemaster is coming this fall!!!!!!! Outstanding. I'll be getting this one, or two, for sure. I'm basing this on a picture on the Agora Homepage towards the bottom. A split picture, half fire truck and half Bus. This may be old news for you'all but I'm usually a day late and a dollar short. Cheers! wyatt
  4. You will receive an email from Agora with a tracking number - from UK Royal Mail - that will let you see when it leaves the UK. Then use the same tracking number on the USPS tracking site to follow the progress here in the US. It will take awhile to get out of Chicago. Keep checking the USPS site until they have it in their possession and then eventually it will show a delivery date. Good luck.
  5. Hello neace40. I'm currently subscribed to the T800 and waiting for pack 11. I'm in the US also and here's what you can expect. Agora will charge your card, there will be a week or more delay before they put it in the Royal Mail. The UK mail will dispatch it pretty quick to the US. Once on this side of the pond is where things slow down. Here's the tracking, so far, for pack 11 on the USPS site: June 2, 2021, 12:03 pmProcessed Through FacilityISC CHICAGO IL (USPS) Your item has been processed through our facility in ISC CHICAGO IL (USPS) at 12:03 pm on June 2, 2021. Origin Post is Pr
  6. Wow Steve, that is a brilliant piece of work. The base is really well done. You get my vote for 'Agora Build of the Year' wyatt
  7. A little late in catching this post, but thank you MarvelPhx for posting this. For some reason your link does not work. Try this folks; https://myecto1.com/ maybe it was the missing forward slash at the end. To you folks out there looking in on MarvelPhx's website you will NOT be disappointed at all. I've been going through his build from part one and it is probably the best build site I've seen. Well laid out, great pictures and he includes all the mods and how to install them. Seriously well done. Plus he is doing many different partswork builds. Give it a check out.
  8. Hi John, I've been away for a bit and have missed numerous posts. Thanks for sharing the finished pics. Awesome build you've done. Love the adverts. Dang I want one of these. Come on Agora listen to the fans.
  9. wyatt

    Pack 10 ?

    Thanks for your reply. I just received a reply from CS that mine will ship this week. Fingers crossed.
  10. Greetings folks, I sent an inquiry to Customer Service about the status of Pack 10. But I'd like to ask my fellow subscribers if you have received Pack 10 yet? I have not. I just received a notice about Pack 11 being delayed, so, just curious. Thanks. wyatt
  11. Beautiful conclusion to this build James. You've really done justice to this kit. What's next on your list? wyatt
  12. Mine shipped today also. That was quick and much appreciated. Thanks Agora. wyatt
  13. Received the email today with the password and ordered the rifle. £79.99 plus £9.99 shipping to the USA. You have to have a subscription to order it. wyatt
  14. Just received my packs 7 & 8 and I agree uglywolf, much better packaging, no damage. Well done Agora. Happy Holidays to all the good folks at Agora and on the forum. wyatt
  15. Just had an email from Agora. The shipment for Pack 7 & 8 is ready for UPS pickup. Hopefully get them before Xmas day. Well done Agora. Have patience folks.
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