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  1. Time for some wiring!!!! Essentially for this, you just gotta follow the wiring diagram in the instructions to get them in the correct place! Match up the numbers! Then it is screwed into the plate... And the stage is now complete:
  2. Quite straightforward this stage, attaching the fuel filler pipe to the trunk board Put in place and screw from the back!
  3. Time for the other seat (Drivers) Similarly to stage 50, this is done by measuring to the tape length by holding it against the seat This time, I realised that for the second bit of tape I could just measure the cut piece again: Over the bseat goes the cover, and then its stuck into place, I removed the sticky cover at this point using a blade And here is what the cockpit is looking like once the seats are in and the battery packs are behind them:
  4. Now to do some work on the batteries and the battery cables. First I have attached the battery to the bracket and screws it into place The batteries and the bracket are installed right behind the passenger seat, which is something you don't see in modern vehicles! For the cable on the shut-off switch I first tried it without glue, but found it is best to use a dab of glue to hold it in place. Once the two cables are attached with glue it is then easier to screw it into the body. Each of the cables was then inserted into the bat
  5. Putting together the passenger's seat Taking the sticky tape I measured the length simply by holding it to the seat, then cut the length I needed The seat cover slid over the bucket seat and then pressed securely against the sticky tape Once the seat is screwed together to hold it in place I then pressed the seat belts into the pegs on the underside , wrapped them around and then secured them at the front.
  6. So I found this stage a little fiddly to get into place. You have to put the switch number 4 into place through the center console and then get a holding piece in place and screwed in. Its a case of manoeuvring into position with tweezers and the tightening up the screw. After attaching the pipes to the mounting box it pushed down Ito place and then I secured it in place. Tidy up time! the wire is held in place with a little bracket. And that is stage and Pack 6 completed!
  7. Time for the driver's pedals, and a few switches. First I put the metal footplate in and then the accelerator pedal in place. The accelerator pedal seems an odd design to me - compared to the brake and clutch pedals, but Im sure the original car designers had their reasons: As you can see these next two pedals are silver and have the Shelby 'S' engraved onto them. Next I have put on the two electric switches and cabling. These are so that when you press the accelerator you get to hear the engine sound and when you press the brake pedal the rear b
  8. Back to the small fiddly bits! its time to add on the gear stick and the hand brake I put he two lower parts of the gear stick together, turned the whole thing over, keeping it in place so it doesn't fall out, and screwed it in place from underneath The U-bar (Im sure I will find out what that is for later!!😃) was just pushed in and similarly screwed in from underneaths: Check out the detail on top of the gear stick, you can actually read all the gear numbers (sorry not too clear on my photo - I'm talking about in real life). I'v
  9. Now I'm getting some large components done and the cabin is coming to shape uo with some structure! The rear section is screwed into place.
  10. As mention in the previous post, I am now doing the second half of the center console and also adding the floor mats. Similar to the stage 43, I've screwed the second half of the floor to the center part The floor mats are slightly different but its straightforward putting them into the correct side of floor
  11. Moving on to the center console... This all fits together quite neatly with a few screws. I've put the electric cable holder inlace which will be need later for...you guessed it holding cables! I will be completing the second half of this in the next stage
  12. Continuing with adding more detail the dashboard I found it best to use a sharp blade to peal off the stickers. using fingers just bends the sticks or removes the glue onto your fingers, keeping the sticker on the tip of the knife allows me to position correctly, keeping in Mond that the dials are big enough to read so they need to be fitted the correct way up! Notice how the speedo looks back to front - this is how it was on the real Cobra, though I don't know why they did it like that. Following putting on all the stickers I've then put th
  13. Getting to some fine detail in this pack with the dash... I put the two plates into the back of the dashboard so that the metal colour comes through to the front The Shelby name plate has some great detail of including the Cobra badge and Carrol Shelby's signature After adding the steering column bracket, I added some of the buttons and switches to the dash. I'm liking the fact that you can read the wording on the switches.
  14. Hi there, here is a link to some people talking about this which might help:
  15. Front fenders & airflow The left and right fender liners are screwed in I've attached the airflow intake and it is screwed in two places from this side... ...and then Ive turned it over to put the other two holding screws in place. And here is my build at the end of Pack 5!
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