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  1. We just recently contacted everybody who had not requested a specific number, if they wanted to request one. The closing date for that was yesterday. We will now be double checking to list and then send everyone's number out to them. We are now going to start sending out everyones numbers. Bear with us as there is a lot of individual emails to write! 🙂
  2. Can you private message me with your address and I will send a new seat out for you.
  3. Yes, this is something we are working on and will hopefully be available pre Christmas
  4. I have had a look at my Super Snake. The passenger seat on mine is fine, like the drivers side. We will send you a new seat if it still isn't going in
  5. If you don't glue the circle bit over the hex screw, then yes you do not have to get the joint tension perfect. Also be careful not to tighten too hard and wear out the head of the screw or it will be stuck in there.
  6. Can you private message me with your shipment address so i can check it is correct for you.
  7. Stage 30, continuing the shoulder: Another accessory is glued onto the shoulder. It fits into an indented shape of the accessory so you will know where it glues on to. Now I align the three lugs with the three holes on the shoulder and big metal piece and screw them together with 2 screws: Pack complete
  8. Stage 29, shoulder: Just like before, I file down the accessory pieces and glue them to the shoulder: Then the spring goes in: So now I compress the spring with the disk shaped part. Remember that there is a crescent shape that goes around one of the accessories: Stage complete
  9. Stage 28, building more of the left and right shoulders: Fristy, I take the shoulder tube and slot it into the side socket: Now the shoulder plate attaches to the shoulder. I hold it up the the socket that I put the tube into, and then hold it in place while I put the rod through: Then the shoulder cap goes on the other side of the where the rod slid into. No glue needed. Now to build the next shoulder. Just like before, 28-2 goes into 27-1. Then 26-1 screws into 28-2: Stage complete:
  10. Stage 27, left and right shoulders: 2 more black disks, which glue onto either side of the shoulder piece: Then I snip the two socket parts off the frame and glue the socket cap onto the socket: Now I put some glue onto this ridge on the shoulder, and slot the socket piece I just made onto it: Stage complete
  11. stage 26, joining the forearm to the elbow: The top of the forearm from stage 24 has two screws which I undo and keep safe: Then the two black disks are stuck onto the arm with some glue: Now the part i just unscrewed goes back on, but this time the bicep piece goes in between: Now the small cylinder goes into the hole on the arm. The tricep arm peice then goes over the cylinder and screwed in: Next, I get part 25-2 which is from the previous stage, and insert it through the elbow. Then I screw it in on teh other side with the supplied hex key: Don't forget to put a washer on the screw: Final step is to place the right elbow part into the center of the elbow joint. I didn't use glue but you should if yours doesn't stay. in: Stage complete:
  12. stage 25, right shoulder: The first step of this stage is to glue the shoulder accesories together: Now I put some glue onto the bottom and side of the accessories and then stick them to the shoulder assembly from stage 23: Next I grab the spring and slot it into the ring on the shoulder assembly: Then I take the disc shape from the previous stage and compress it against the spring. Now I hold it tightly until i get the first of three screws in: Note how there is a crescent shape on the disk which slots over one of the shoulder accessories in the first image: Once all three screws are in, I take another accessory piece and glue it onto the shoulder: The next step uses the big metal object from stage 23, and it aligns onto the shoulder and screws in with 2 PM 3x8mm screws: The last accesory piece gets glued onto the shoulder. There is an indent on the accessory, so it wil only go in one way: Stage complete:
  13. Yes I agree that stickers can be tricky! This is a good idea that we can use for the future. For now, if you ever need a replacement, please let us know.
  14. Shelby have some awesome cars, but you should know that we are working on a variety of products at the moment.
  15. I tried them but they do not fit 😞 However we are going to be making a spare set of Goodyear Speedway tires available shortly. These are the usual tires found on a mustang in 1967
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