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  1. Pretty much haha.. Australia Post = "Hold my beer"...
  2. haha you haven't met Australia Post!
  3. MikeS

    Next build!!

    Bismarck got my vote!
  4. is the next one that hatchette bismarck?
  5. This is on the preorder page: I would only want #001 or #427 but chances are both already gone.
  6. I'd have to agree... apart from not having that kind of $$ to put up front, the only way I'd even consider is to be guaranteed #001 or #427... not "first in best dressed".... not for that kind of money... And also that it only gets you a numbered stand and license plate, the model is the same as the standard one.
  7. Nice work, love the mods you have done.. especially the gun and the chip in the head.
  8. Great.. now I'm definitely going broke 😱😭
  9. Tipping it's definitely something from the Cobra family... either the AC or the Daytona Coupe.. either way.. I can't afford the supersnake AND this DAMMNIT!...
  10. that'd be a big tick for me..
  11. I'd second the tomcat for sure... that sucker looks great from what I've seen about it..
  12. that full size airfix one by James May was pretty cool, I saw that on TV.. was one biga** model kit!
  13. haha don't need a shelf mate.. throw a few 15cc petrol engines in with some servo's and fly the thing!... would be the most accurate flying model ever...
  14. 1:18 Lancaster... would be about a 1.72m wingspan.. I'd be in for that! 😃
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