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  1. Mate where did you get the crewmen from?
  2. Shame that most people won't have a waterjet in their "basic tools" kit.
  3. Where did you order them from?
  4. the lunar lander would be awesome, and at the right scale could have some spectacular detail. Got my vote.
  5. Nice work on the stripes, think I will be doing that to mine, it looks heaps better with the strips up the superstructure.
  6. MikeS

    Start date

    Thanks Tinkertoo... must have missed that bit..
  7. MikeS

    Start date

    wondering when Bismarck is due to start shipping.. straight away or delayed like the cobra?
  8. it's october here now... no tracking number 😞
  9. Pretty much haha.. Australia Post = "Hold my beer"...
  10. Bismarck got my vote!
  11. is the next one that hatchette bismarck?
  12. This is on the preorder page: I would only want #001 or #427 but chances are both already gone.
  13. I'd have to agree... apart from not having that kind of $$ to put up front, the only way I'd even consider is to be guaranteed #001 or #427... not "first in best dressed".... not for that kind of money... And also that it only gets you a numbered stand and license plate, the model is the same as the standard one.
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