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Adam Savage paint job


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Hey guys - thought I would share this. I saw a great video of a full scale t-800 Adam Savage build, he uses a painting method that really brings out the details/adds depth . He uses black oil paint to paint in the nooks and crannies and then use a brush/cloth to smudge the areas. 

I tried it and I’m super happy with the outcome. It feels a bit more used now - all I need is the model Mods eyes and I think this will look super screen accurate! 

Adam Savage video - 












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CSM666--i love the subtlety of your paint job. It adds a good dimension to the piece. 

I was really unhappy with the variation in the "chrome"...one piece was metal, one was plastic-y; one was shinier, one was matte. So I figured my T-800 would be one that had been through some hard time murdering humans.


May be a bit much for folks, but I like the worn-in look on my props/replicas.

Currently looking for suggestions about repainting the very plastic, one dimensional base. Anyone do anything that works? (I'll at least repaint the skulls so they don't look the same color and wash as the ground.)


image1 (1).jpeg

image0 (3).jpeg

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