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  1. Pride of place Build your own mini fogger!
  2. Finished endo part 4: Plasma rifle with war mode lighting
  3. Finished endo part 2: static lighting mode And the stills
  4. Decided to cut up my half scale boner and salvage the rib cage from it, last addition to this base
  5. Right then ladies and gents, my terminator is pretty much finished! Save for some final tweaks ill be doing proper pics and vids soon, in the meantime some sneak previews
  6. Finished the floor of the base of with some black ash effect scatter, couple of low angle shots, oh and a bit of wall weathering and detailing
  7. Done quite a bit today, not finished yet though
  8. If anyone cba to listen to my waffle, then quick video showing roughly how im doing the custom lighting and my plans
  9. Made a static lighting mode for when i just wanna chill and display without all the flashing effects. Think it kinda looks like the opening credits when he walks out the fire
  10. Ive just laid some custom bits over the standard base, lots of work yet, ill be redoing it completely
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