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  1. Insane dude. Is that the real base or did you make that yourself?
  2. Incredible! I love the custom things you have done. As someone who has got this far with the build what is your take on it so far?
  3. Nice! I will deffo get the tendon wobble fix.
  4. Interesting, I wonder why... did they decide not to go full metal mid production?
  5. Nice! Thanks I will look into Ian’s stand
  6. Hey guys, this question could be for Agora or any of the members who are building. Is there a reason half of this model is metal and the other half plastic? I am noticing pack 1 - 4 the majority was metal but have noticed packs 5 - 6 not so much metal parts at tall. I noticed that the upper body so far seems to be a lot of metal and then the packs 5-6 which are the hips and beginning of the leg are all plastic. Is this a conscious choice to spread out the weight of the model? or was it not within budget to make the whole thing metal? I have just finished pack 6, noticing it is
  7. Awesome! Love how polished yours looks - I’ve seen your videos and really dig the turning head, kinda wish they had included this instead of the mouth opening.
  8. Hey guys - thought I would share this. I saw a great video of a full scale t-800 Adam Savage build, he uses a painting method that really brings out the details/adds depth . He uses black oil paint to paint in the nooks and crannies and then use a brush/cloth to smudge the areas. I tried it and I’m super happy with the outcome. It feels a bit more used now - all I need is the model Mods eyes and I think this will look super screen accurate! Adam Savage video -
  9. Thought I would share some pictures of my progress so far. This model is unreal!!!
  10. https://modelmodz.com/Terminator-T800-1-2-Scale-Finger-Mod-p183967562
  11. Hey guys, Just wondering if anyone has a list of all the tools needed to put this together? I am literally starting from scratch and I dont have any tools so I am going to go on amazon and just get everything I need. Cheers, Dan
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