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  1. Hey guys, Just wondering if anyone has a list of all the tools needed to put this together? I am literally starting from scratch and I dont have any tools so I am going to go on amazon and just get everything I need. Cheers, Dan
  2. Hey guys - wondering if anyone on here is using any of the model mods to upgrade their t-800? I have bought the finger joints and I plan to eventually get the teeth and eyes but I was wondering if this is something I should get first before starting the build or is it easy enough to take the model apart after building to upgrade? Cheers guys - loving the experience so far.
  3. Yessss! Pack 1 finally arrived for me here in Vancouver in little under a month, it ironically arrived the same day the 2nd payment left my account for pack 2! all in great condition - so stoked to get going on it!
  4. Anyone ordered from Canada? Mine says it left the UK on May 16th - when I track it on the Royal Mail website it tells me to use the same tracking number on the Canadian post website but this is all it says for me : MAY 16 4:56 PM INTERNATIONAL ITEM HAS LEFT ORIGINATING COUNTRY AND IS EN ROUTE TO CANADA GBLALA, UNITED KINGDOM MAY 15 6:25 PM INTERNATIONAL ITEM MAILED IN ORIGINATING COUNTRY EXETER MC, UNITED KINGDOM Hasn't moved since... and also I really hope there are no extra tax charges. 🤮 So excited to get started on this, I like check the tracking every day lol
  5. Amazing - deffo want to attempt the chip in the head!
  6. Hey guys! Mega excited to start this project - thanks for making this available in other countries. Couple of questions: 1. How do you plan to send the base/plasma rifle? Will this come as a completed piece or will we also be building these elements? 2. Do you have specs on the articulation? Generally it looks like it’s mega pose able - just wondered if there was a specific number of articulation points. I am a film maker so I might use it to do a few short stop motion clips. thanks!
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