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  1. I remember you guys were looking for suggestions for the next project but don't see it anywhere so I'll post it here. I think a large SR-71 Blackbird would make a great addition. To this day, there is no other plane equal to the beautiful design and the mystery of this plane. I have several small models but wish there was something better. Thanks for your consideration.
  2. I'm not sure if everyone had this problem, but after connecting the right leg to the pelvis, the links to the hydrolic cylinders were loose on my terminator. After installing all the other wobble fixes, I decided to try something on them as well. It was very simple. I took some leftover tubing from the finger assembly and used it in the joint on both the quadricep cylinder and ham string cylinder and it worked great. Just thought I'd pass it along.
  3. There are two lengths of joints I believe. The shorter 3 are for the finger joints and 1 longer to connect to the hand. The plastic tubes are also different lengths, so mabe you used a hand joint part on the finger joint?
  4. Do you mean the finger joint caps? Are they not gluing and coming apart? I used regular super glue on the tip of a toothpick and put glue inside the hole and spiral around a bit, then put the cap on and squeezed it for a minute and worked almost every time.
  5. You were right. I just ordered the clips. Thanks.
  6. I've been building my T-800 and got up to pack 8 when I decided to to stand it upright using a guitar rack (works pretty good btw) and I noticed the head seems loose and doesn't stay up. Are there supports that get put in later, or do I have a problem?
  7. My favorite is the original, but I believe Dark Fate is the first of a trio of new Terminator movies produced by James Cameron. Looking forward to more.
  8. Looks good. Will have to try that.
  9. Received first six packs today, but have to wait until I have time.
  10. I placed my order three days ago and was amazed to find it on my doorstep today. I opened a couple and I'm blown away at the quality of the pieces. This model is going to be AMAZING! Thank you Agora.
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