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  1. I don't know if you're in the US, but if you are, take a look at McMaster-Carr, all kinds of bolts, tubes and fittings there. Best wishes.
  2. Where is the 'WE ARE NOT WORTHY!' meme from Wayne's World when you need it?? This is beyond amazing. I'm trying to pluck up the courage to do the spine mod, we'll see. Haven't got quite that far yet.
  3. The original is my favorite. Not only for the story but also the way it was filmed; didn't need a giant budget to be hugely effective.
  4. I've not gotten that far yet but today I did get an email from Partwork Upgrades saying that they had developed a 'clip' that fits around the bottom of the neck to stop it falling forward.
  5. I think here in the US it's just gotten really worse in general and hasn't fully recovered since the holidays. Just last week I had to send an overnight package from Knoxville TN to Nashville TN and they got it a week later. I know there were problems with ports a little while back.
  6. These are great. I've gone over mine with black acrylic and wiped it off leaving a weathered look, but I think the nuln oil application would really set it off, I've not heard of that before. I still need to do packs 5-8 and will post pics a little later after.
  7. I got my packs 7 and 8 in the mail a couple of days ago, two boxes in the same polybag in excellent shape, thank goodness. The were very quick to send replacement parts for the ones lost in my previous post above.
  8. All good points...they just have to be transparent about any problems rather than leave us wondering or having to prod for information.
  9. I wonder if they are having a last-minute re-think because of comments World of Wayne made on the weight and fingers not holding it well and the cheap 3D printed versions coming out.
  10. I think I mentioned this before, but you've got to use more tape, guys. Reinforced taped at that. One strip on the front just isn't enough. Boxes are getting caught on machines, ripped when being picked up...plus in the US you've got DHL starting the delivery then passed to USPS to make the final leg of the delivery. Just lots of machines, hands and trucks to go through.
  11. Just got my tracking number too, yay!! As much as I love usps, I applaud the decision to go with UPS.
  12. Same. Also in the US, still waiting for a tracking number. They'd have probably been better off continuing to ship from the UK...USPS is a s@&tshow at the moment. A tracking number would at least show it's on its way.
  13. The old boxes break open in transit causing the contents to fall out.
  14. I received Terminator pack #3 in a different box though it wasn't the one pictured. I would say don't be afraid to use tape; when I received mine, one end of the box was open, luckily all parts and the manual was present. There was only one piece of tape on the front, nothing on the sides, and it came from the UK. In the photo above, it looks like there are no side flaps to the top part of the box, which is a concern. Just wrap the snot out of it with tape?
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