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Hey guys - wondering if anyone on here is using any of the model mods to upgrade their t-800? I have bought the finger joints and I plan to eventually get the teeth and eyes but I was wondering if this is something I should get first before starting the build or is it easy enough to take the model apart after building to upgrade? Cheers guys - loving the experience so far. 

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Definitely start with the eyes first!  I have all of their T-800 mods so far.

I agree that the finger joints can wait till the end, but I suggest getting the -6 length screws for the knuckle attachment for the though (it’s slightly thicker at that point).  I believe they use M2.5-4 screws with their Mod, and a dab of superglue at one end of the brass knurled nut is the best thing that you can do (it’s easier to only need one Allen key to periodically tighten the screws because they will loosen over time).

The teeth are great, just be gentle when seating them into place.  Don’t even bother with the kit teeth.

And the wrist joint are easy and self explanatory.  You won’t need to get those till Pack 3 though.

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