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Star Wars AT-AT 1/47 scale


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Well, looks like Atlaya is starting a trial in France of a Star Wars AT-AT (All Terrain - Attack Transport). 1/47 scale - 56.4 cm (22 3/16 inches) long. Any Star Wars fans salivating yet?

The URL worked before, but seems to change for some reason, So, use the link below to go to the news page and scroll down. Use your preferred translation app (google translate works for me) and peruse the news of partswork kits. Sorry for the hassle. Thanks for your help Tinkertoo.





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5 hours ago, Streethawk71 said:

link doesn't show anything


The website sucks, you have to click back one day, as of now, to see the page the OP was posting. See below, what would have been seen on the site.




Text under image: "It seems that trial sales have started in Altaya, France.
1/47 scale 56.4cm long.
Will Deagostini Japan come to Japan?
Even X-Wing could not be sold nationwide in bookstores, so it
may be tough considering that direct sales of Dago were barely possible"

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