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  1. Because when the boxes are crushed like the last two have been for me anyway, not only is it a possibility the contents would be broken but the plastic containers holding the parts inside could separate spilling things like the screws, washers etc. Those containers as you know aren't taped together, merely pressed fit. No one wants to bug AGORA for a replacement part or box, even though I'm positive they would do it in a blink. Both of the last two boxes besides being crushed, the corners were opened from said crushing. If contents were loose inside they would have spilled out willy nilly. In fact my second box was crushed enough that even one of the smaller plastic parts boxes inside could have made it's way out. Perhaps you have the new boxes, and if so good for you. The original boxes are like magnets to the postal monkeys to do their will. Tell you then, how about you do a demonstration on the box WITH parts inside. Stand on it like you mentioned. If you were that confident I believe we would all love to witness it. I for one would applaud. To their credit AGORA has been fantastic toward listening and providing excellent customer service.
  2. Well pack #3 arrived today. crushed almost as badly as last month. .......HOWEVER......as seen in the second photo with the added bubble wrap everything arrived safely. Thank you Agora. If I was to offer a opinion?.... Perhaps sturdier boxes? I don't want to sound ungrateful, because I am not, I am fully aware you are not in control of the monkeys that handle the boxes between there and here. Thanks again, Fred
  3. Actually I live in Maine, but the comment about NYC was that normally international mail goes there first. LA was strange, but we're in a strange world right now. Good thing is if I understand correctly, packs 3-12 will be issuing from the US. Correct? ๐Ÿ˜€
  4. OK so pack two finally arrived yesterday, I would have done a review then but lost power for most of the night...anyhow item was shipped May 17, got to Los Angeles for some reason instead of NYC.....on May 28th......and from there it was in impound jail until June 21st.......almost a month. With all the turmoil of COVID-19, and the shenanigans of the BLM rioters international mail was shut down. When the box finally arrived it looked all the world like the protesters were using it to break into the stores with there. My heart sunk, because I thought I was going to do the call of shame to AGORA and try to get a replacement. Not to worry. Because of how they packaged it with bubble wrap everything was perfect. None of the blister packs were crushed, or parts broken. I was over the moon. seriously. If I were to make any helpful critique, it would be to put the packaging tape along the shorter top edges. It would keep those from springing open and possibly have a errant screw or part escape the box. It would cost perhaps a few cents per box? I dunno. Anyhow great packaging ๐Ÿ‘ Thank you AGORA for taking the time to package things fantastically to survive even...ahem...challenging times.
  5. YES! Finally my pack #2 has been released from import jail. Hopefully should be here tomorrow. ๐Ÿ‘โ˜บ๏ธ
  6. I know it isn't AGORA's fault, but G.D. ...It's taking the MOJO out of the build right from the start.....
  7. DAMN Los Angeles....in another week my pack two will be hostage for a month. Fraq.....
  8. Golly guess I spoke too soon, ๐Ÿคฃ I thought NYC was bad. Pack two has been held hostage in LA for 10 days now, NYC was 9. I sincerely hope as advertised future shipments do indeed come from a warehouse in this country. I'm really not an impatient guy, but...seeing an expensive purchase collecting dust in some international impound area can be frustrating. I've almost made a game of it. "Hit the refresh button, and see if any change in status has been made". If not look sad, if so take a drink. So far not drinking... lol
  9. Stage 7 complete. This is fun! Thanks Agora!
  10. OOPS, got too excited and did stage 3 and 4 at once.
  11. Stage 2 complete. I ordered a set of replacement teeth from "ModelModz". Only because I liked that they looked more like Arnold's teeth in the film. As before "my choice", the kit teeth are good as well. https://modelmodz.com/Terminator-T800-1-2-Scale-Mods-c32544587
  12. Stage 1 complete โ˜บ๏ธ
  13. Just saw my pack #2 has entered Los Angeles port of entry scheduled for a Monday delivery. We'll see. Went to NYC last time and was in "jail" for 9 days. ๐Ÿ˜„ Maybe LA is doing better. Still funny that it went from GB to LA overflying my place on the way there. hahaha
  14. Good day. Got my pack 1 today, and ready to start. Been doing some research in the mean time, and plan a few small mods on my build. Nothing serious as Hatchette, and Agora have done their homework. Right off the bat I'll address the faceplate backing. It looked great as black behind the metal to deepen the "look", but after looking at actual movie props I decided to airbrush it a metal color as well. Just my choice, your choice may vary and that's cool! Fred
  15. Alrighty then. Pack one finally made it here to Cyberdyne Labs, ( Coastal Maine USA) and getting ready to begin the journey. Box was mostly intact, only a small indent from the many hands that challenged it internationally. Upon opening it I can see where some folks had an issue with adhesive residue attaching to paper inside the box. Thankfully mine was adhered to a info page and not the poster, however I found that if one were to take a deep breath and SLOWLY peeled it, there would be no harm caused. Down to the lab I go!
  16. I have tracking for pack 1, But not for pack 2 at the time of writing that post. #1 has been stranded in NYC for some reason for a week now according to tracking possibly because of international mail. When I did get pack #2 tracking this afternoon, it was with Royal Mail from the UK. We were told #2 and following shipments were to be shipped from the US to avoid all of this international mail kerfuffle.
  17. Had a feeling that would happen.....Got billed for shipment two, before shipment 1 was in my hands. Hoping that won't be a habit.
  18. Whooo Hooo, my Terminator package just landed in NYC from England. Projected delivery Wednesday. ๐Ÿ™‚
  19. I can confirm I got a tracking number, and that it is shipping from the UK.
  20. The Shelby Super Snake looks great, how about it's competitor on the street? The 1973 Trans Am Super Duty would be a fantastic addition. If not that what about the 1977 Trans Am from Smokey and the Bandit. (Provided license could be obtained)
  21. A Reliant class ship would be great.
  22. Wow haven't heard that name since the 70's. Love to see one.
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