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Hats off to the Agora CS team 👏👏


I would like to take this opportunity to pass on my dearest thanks to the CS team. I recently damaged one of the 1st parts of my mustang build (the main metal.front bumper/fascia). I was doing some work in my garage, which just happens to be where my workbench is with all the parts laid out for my various builds i have on the go, when I had a bit of an accident and knocked a few bits off the table. Most pieces escaped unscathed but the fascia piece of this model landed smack on the concrete floor and chipped the paint in several areas. To say I was a bit devastated was an understatement. My own fault really but I contacted CS on the 23 feb, explained my misfortune and to see if I could purchase a replacement part. I got a response the following day and today 2 march 1 week later the replacement part arrived, and I was not charged for this either. I can understand FOC replacements for faulty parts but but CS refused to take a payment from me to replace my damaged part.

To put this In context, i am also building the ecto 1 from eaglemoss hero collector, when I was assembling parts together from pack 1 the screws snapped half way in (which appears to be quite a common issue) leaving half of the screw stuck in a metal part and unable to re attach the relevant part. 4 weeks after they said the parts had been ordered and I still haven't recieved anything. Plus it takes them anything from 2 days to a week to respond.

Again, many thanks Agora, keep up the awesome CS.

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Is there a phone number for Agora CS?  Have looked on the site, but can only seem to spot the built in e-mail form.  Similar situation - just moved, want to change my address before anything further gets sent out, and scuffed the boot lid on my Cobra.  Want to BUY a replacement as I don't see it's an Agora problem and I shouldn't get parts for nothing when I've been the numpty and got it damaged.

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