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  1. Carroll shelbys personal cobra just sold for $5.4m!
  2. Pack 12 is now on its way and I'm super excited to get it and finish this model!
  3. I believe modelmodz have a new improved set coming to the website very soon and I think they said they were made from proper dental resin this time. So keep an eye out. They recently posted about them on their Facebook groups. Other than that I don't know anyone else who makes replacements. Might be worth having a look at scaled modz and Mike Lane mods see if they have anything
  4. So as I have built i have kept an index of all the stages for quick reference along with a count of all the parts assembled. This includes all the screws but not the spares. Quite interesting to note that the tally totals 814!
  5. Yeah that looks correct. It could just be the paint thickness making it a tight fit in the corners where it hinges as its quite thick You could also try scraping some of the paint away from the bar of the bracket and the groove and add a little bit of grease in there to help too. Dont clamp the crew too tightly, but it should be OK once you attach the door to the body later down the line as you will essentially have a big lever. One of my door hinges is a bit tighter than the other but I'm not too worried about it. Will see how things are when pack 12 arrives soon and I can attach the doo
  6. Can you post a picture of what you have? It may be that you put the hinge bracket on the wrong way around
  7. Hammer price was actually $3.5m but it calculated to $3.85 with the auction fees. Still the most expensive 'stang in history. A few more are going up for sale over the next few days at the Mecum auction house in florida including a 1965 Gt350R fastback (1 of only 34 produced!) Estimated at $1.2-1.5m but may well clear for much more than that! Also up in the next few days is Carroll Shelbys personal 452 cobra! He owned it front the day it was built until his death in 2016! Thats sure to become one of the worlds most expensive cars. Only 5 of this spec were made and the last one cleared $14m!!
  8. Awesome to see the final pack of instructions are now available and our models will soon be complete! I cant wait! One pretty major problem i forsee though is when it come to attaching the front licence plate - there are simply no holes drilled into the front bumper to attach any screws. A few people i have spoken to during the course of this build also have the same and were under the impression the holes had been filled. So how on earth are we supposed to attach the front licence plate?
  9. Agora missed a tick here, they should have built caroll shelbys own personal cobra. Anyway, its up for sale at the Mecum auctions in florida on Jan 15th. Who wants to guess what it might go for? I reckon it will fetch way more than the super snake and probably become one of the most expensive cars on the planet.
  10. I'm having trouble getting the retaining pins to stay clipped in place, they just keep popping off and dangling about on the wires. Also one of the pins that passes through the hood sheared off trying to get the lynch pin to stay clipped on and now I need a replacement (hood pin and lynch pins from stage 87). Edit: i figured out how to get the retaining pins to work now but in doing so the other small plastic pin that goes through the hood also sheared so now I need both parts replacing each side. Turns out I had pushed them onto the bracket too far and they wasn't protruding throu
  11. Santa came early for me with a nice delivery of kits so I can catch up on the build - I was on the 2 year build but a change of heart (and wanting to start another build) means I will be finished sooner rather than later now! I wish everyone out there building and the entire Agora team a very merry Christmas. Enjoy it as best you all can despite all the imposed restrictions we now have across the country. We can still video call our loved ones. Stay safe all, keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing another good year of models from Agora.
  12. One thing I would have liked to have seen in this book is a bit more text. More info on the car its self, such as specs, articles like you would get in a magazine, rather than just 1 or 2 little paragraphs here and there, along side stuff linking it to our model if that makes sense? Please don't take this as a negative as it is a beautiful book. I just would have liked some reading material along side it all too. One thing I like about partwork models is the articles that come in the weekly magazines, I was expecting something like this all collated into 1 large book all about the
  13. Its here! Really nice book with some stunning pictures of the car
  14. Looks beautiful. Really looking forward to receiving this. Great work by all
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