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Porsche 917


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Yes, it looks like it will be a popular kit, so perhaps they’ll extend it to the states. I think Oligo models offer a forwarding service for countries not covered by the original part work provider - but it comes at a price.

Box #1 arrived today, and all parts bar the tyre and headlamp are metal. Both the model and IXO delivery service are very impressive.

I see McLaren are adopting the full ‘Gulf’ livery for their cars for the Monaco GP this weekend.


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You can order it directly from IXO Collections. When you do, just order more than  €99.00 worth of parts and shipping is free. I'm in the States and ordered Boxes 1,2 and 3 on a Friday and received them the following Friday, yep, one week. When box 4 was available I ordered it and the display case and shipping was free. Again, ordered on a Friday, received the following Friday. You can't beat that.  This method is without a subscription, so I will have to wait for at least two boxes to be available to take advantage of the free shipping. Oh, and they are having a sale on Boxes 1, 2, 3 and 4 right now.

The magazine/instructions are in French but they have links on their site to instructions in English.  

Here's a forum you can follow about the 917KH: 


Enjoy - wyatt

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