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Rudy's build


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  • 4 weeks later...

The engine takes slowly shape, to me opinion the people who developed the kit

never see a Ford 427 V8 in real life.

The engine is a fantasy, the cylinder head covers are not on a equal line like on the

engine of the Cobra, picture 1 and 2.

But like on pictures 3 and 4, and takes me a rather sleepless night with the question

how to fix this.

I remove also the ribs on the sides of the engine. and build up new detail

on the sides.

I have two possibilities first to make a whole new engine bloc from

scratch, or to make changes on the kit's one. Because i am a bit lazy

i choose for the second.

And o.k. it's is maybe not like the real thing and you don't see much of it

but for my own peace of mind.

I hope you like it.










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  • 3 weeks later...
1 hour ago, whaynes said:

That looks so much better than the plain kit parts! I hope tgo start soon, but doubt mine will look as good.


Thank you, and i am sure, yours looks also good ass well, maybe better. Enjoy your build !!!!

It's a very simple model, with much space for some detail work.

Be sure you have enough documentation and pictures when you start to build.

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Your rolling chassis modifications are just about what I have in mind for my own. I recently received my full kit. I am currently searching the forum for new ideas to bring the model to a more realistic appearance before I begin. Your motor modifications are very inspiring. I agree that the kit 427 doesn't resemble the real thing. Too bad that the model makers come up short with that.

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Some pictures of the Cobra, i am not satifait with the white striping (3 shades of white)

it is very pity but fixable (spray the striping again)

Included the right way to connect the oil lines, in the build description you must connect

one line to the fuel filter on the engine ??????

I made also some connectors for the oil lines in brass, looks more realistic than the ones

included in the kit.

Still a long way to go, to make it look like a Cobra, but the starting base is allright.

If you like it give me comment, if you don't like it also, questions please ask.

oilcooler lines.jpg













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