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  1. Some would say that's how Royal Mail operate normally, even in the UK 😆
  2. Pack 9 Quite a bit of work in this pack and.....YES!!...we manage to get rid of that pesky front wheel sag on the main chassis, which has driven me mad for a couple of months now. STAGE 65: DRIVER SEAT-BELT HARNESS, HOOKS & FRONT LATERAL CAGE RIGHT BAR The u-shaped roll bar from an earlier pack is now resurrected and the belts are fastened to it. First, the bracket, then the harness hooks. The right lateral cage bar is now pushed into place on the firewall.
  3. Pack 8 This pack came together quite quickly, and didn't need the chassis at this time, so all work was a lot smaller and concentrated on the fuel tank and electronics, plus some cockpit elements. STAGE 57: FUEL TANK STAGE 58: REAR TRUNK This is the main part of the fuel tank that we started earlier, and bolted the electronics into . Now we can complete the tank and route the cables appropriately. I just hope the boards all work well as there's no test for it before encasing inside the car. Sp
  4. It sure does. Pretty sure there is something to be added to secure things. Someone else also mentioned this.
  5. I really would be surprised if superglue held the axle properly, or even epoxy. There's a lot of weight in the finished build. Mine broke at the same point and I had to replace the axle part by partially stripping the model down.
  6. @Collector_felix It sounds like some gears aren't properly meshed and are jumping.
  7. Those are VERY impressive! 😲 I wish I had your skills.
  8. Onwards with Pack 7! It really doesn't seem to have taken long to get to this stage. Quite a simple pack this month that concentrates on the interior, so we can 't yet cure the wobbly front wheels on the main chassis. 😜 I've put some stages of this pack in the same sequence as at least 3 stages contain zero work. STAGE 49 & 50: BUCKET SEAT/PASSENGER SEAT COVER, SEAT BELTS AND SEAT-BELT HARNESS First up, the double-sided 3M tape is cut to size and stuck in position on the plastic seat, like this. I ignored the instruction to cut to 4 lengt
  9. Well, we are now onto Pack 10. At this stage, the model is extremely heavy and not so easy to manoeuvre for photographing! I'm also more wary of just lifting this thing by the chest cage and now grip by the pelvis too so I don't put any unnecessary strain on the model. Everything seen in this pack is just a reproduction of building the previous lower leg and foot, so these pics just show the key assemblies. STAGE 91: ASSEMBLE A MUSCLE FOR THE LEFT THIGH Muscle piston! All glued parts use CA gel. If there was a lot of chrome plate,
  10. James H

    pack 7

    I do admit, they are annoying me 😆
  11. Cheers! I'm currently still building the Cobra and T-800, but will be starting Bismarck before too long also. That should keep me busy 😆 I may also add additional paint and weathering to that too.
  12. Pack 12 This is it folks....the final work on this behemoth, and the finished result is VERY heavy and impressive. I've had a snag along the way that delayed me posting this. When you manoeuvre your car around, DO NOT put the weight of the model on any of the back wheels. I did that and snapped the wheel fixing point of the rear axle. You live and learn, and it was so frustrating. STAGE 91: WINDSHIELD & STAGE 92: WINDSHIELD FRAME AND WIPERS Real care needs to be taken not to touch the main clear area of the windscreen, for obvious reasons. Th
  13. Pack 6 Hot on the heels of the last pack come this next one which looks at building up some of the driver's office. STAGE 41: DASHBORD SWITCHES AND STEERING ROD GUIDE Definitely one for those detail freaks 😁 First, dashboard plates 1 & 2 are pushed into place. I actually used a little CA on #2 as it was a little sloppy. Plate #3 is then pushed into place and secured by a screw from behind. Just look at the detail on that 🤗 Now, the steering rod guide is screwed into position fr
  14. I have to say Pack 5 went together very quickly and was a very satisfying project. For me, this one is miles ahead of the beautiful GT500 I'm also building due to all the metal parts and general construction. STAGE 32: REAR RIGHT LOWER CONTROL ARM In this stage, we can continue with the suspension stuff that was built in the last pack, and tie some of those literal loose ends up. All of the parts in this are held together with serrated end pins that are pushed home with pointed pliers. The wheel hub built in the last pack can also now be attached.
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