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  1. I removed the steering column from the car, totally, and filed it with a small coarse Permagrit file. Any coarse/medium file will do, even some decent sanding paper like 80 grade aluminium oxide paper.
  2. I filed away the bottom part of the pinion as I found the column slightly too long. File that away right down to the gear/teeth, and the wheel pushes on nicely against the steering column. The column mount also then screwed perfectly into position. (Disclaimer: I shan't be held responsible for loss, theft, accidental damage or loss of life)
  3. PACK 8 STAGE 71: ASSEMBLING FOOT PARTS AND ATTACHING THEM TO THE RIGHT LEG This pack is a continuation of the right foot, and also sees it complete. It really is very important that the photos are studied and the orientation and numbers of the parts. There are 2 rods per toe and some of these have a slight kink in them to accommodate the lie of the toes as they sit on the foot. These are assembled as before, and also using some thread lock on the grub screws. Care is also needed in orientation in fixing these to the feet too.
  4. Got to say that Lotus is beautiful. I remember building the Airfix kit when I was a kid. That would get my vote 👍
  5. Pack 7 Pack 7 is finally done, and the T-800 is definitely growing in stature, even if he still doesn't have a leg to stand on. 😆 I am a little wary of now just picking it up via the chest cage, so grab by the pelvis now too. I don't want to put too much strain in one area. STAGE 61: BUILDING THE KNEE JOINT By now, you can see that any pivoting joint has these black ratchet discs than CA into the main part. No difference here. With the knee, a piston interior is also fitted into place.
  6. Pack 11 - almost there! By far the LARGEST box to yet arrive from Agora, but hardly surprising when you consider it contains the GT500's main body. This is also a heavy box too as the largest components are metal, such as the body, hood and trunk etc (bonnet and boot, to us Brits!). There's no worry about this arriving in one piece either as the main body is contained inside a secondary box, packed into dense polystyrene. The other packs are sat on top of this, with some of them now being blister packs again, and not just sleeves. Here's how things look when it arrives:
  7. This is a big one, and heavy I'll do the build this weekend. Here's the box next to a 1:2 scale R2-D2.
  8. Received this large and heavy box tonight for pack 11. Compare the size of that to a half scale R2-D2! 😜
  9. Pack 3 This pack now means that we're already a quarter way through this beautiful car model. Even though I absolutely love the Super Snake, I feel this one is even nicer, with its all metal chassis and ingenious assembly. You really do get the feeling that you're actually creating some engineering. Everything fits just perfectly in every way, and she's already gaining some early weight 😆 Ok, let's crack on! STAGE 16: LEFT LATERAL CHASSIS MAIN FRAME BOTTOM SECTION Cross-members 3 & 4 bottom section The left lateral chassis bottom fra
  10. Pack 2 It doesn't seem two minutes since Pack 1, and this beauty rocked up, so it'd be rude not to crack on and build it. Seems strange to be building the engine on this one so early when it was much later with the Shelby Super Snake. Certainly not complaining as I like the detail stuff. STAGE 07: ASSEMBLING THE ALTERNATOR First, the alternator is assembled and then connected to the mounting arm and mounting plate. These last parts are then swung around, pushed together and then mounted to the oil filter assembly that wa
  11. Pack 9 STAGE 65: FIRST PARTS OF THE RADIATOR This one's quite simple. The grille sits on the radiator and is trapped by he fan bracket which is fastened with a screw from the rear. STAGE 66: RADIATOR SHROUD AND FAN BLADE Construction of the radiator continues with the front panel (shroud) being fitted to the part I just assembled. Four screws fasten this from the rear. For the time being, the fan is set aside.
  12. Pack 8 STAGE 56: SHOCK ABSORBER AND LEFT REAR BRAKE The shock absorber cylinder and mounting plate need to be fitted together. A small steel pin is supplied for this and this is pushed into the assemblies as shown. The serrated end grips the plastic and holds everything together tightly. The assembly fits to the left side of the car on the underside as you can see here, and fastened via a screw on the reverse. You also need to remove the shock absorber sprint plate so you can fasten the piston to the underside. This is then repla
  13. I have the Hachette plasma rifle and the fingers with the fix seem to hold it very well.
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