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  1. Pierre

    pack 9

    I understand your answer but the reality of a real Cobra requires the existence: of a starter motor, fuel supply hose for the carburettors, engine mounts as original, a steering rack that does not swing without support! I have already asked these questions to you: there is a contradiction between reality and the copy made: how could the Shelby association you are talking about let these errors pass !!! why don't you illustrate the montage with photos of the real one so that we can see the quality of the reproduction !!
  2. Pierre

    pack 9

    do you know the 7 errors game? the sun visors are also missing ! and the fans on the radiator are missing
  3. Pierre

    pack 9

    not if the belts are fixed on the roll bar as indicated in the assembly
  4. Pierre

    pack 9

    at the moment there are many loopholes, errors and approximations. But in France we know the clear difference in the quality of the reproduction of the details between the manufacturer Eligor of the Cobra and the achievements of Ixo who often modify details when the manufacturers that we are unite and make complaints. I'm still waiting for answers about the missing starter motor, poorly designed engine mounts, and the fuel line to the carburetor. Questions asked several times to customer service, to Sam and on the live chat since the delivery of pack 3.
  5. Pierre

    pack 9

    and watch: it is really not hestetic: the fastening loops are mounted upside down !!!!
  6. Pierre

    pack 9

    I do not fix the driver's belts on the roll bar but as for the passenger on the transom a real what is proposed what I have done
  7. Pierre

    Pack 8

    I received the pack 8 it has a fortnight and it is built
  8. Pierre

    pack 7

    Pack 7: received and assembled during the day
  9. en France : exemple in France https://www.octantventeenligne.com/index.php?item=visserie&action=page&group_id=15&lang=FR
  10. Pierre

    pack 7

    the real seats
  11. Pierre

    pack 7

    a photo in a promotional email the steering bar seats and not all seat belts
  12. here https://usercontent.one/wp/www.agoramodels.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/Cobra-Instructions-PACK-06.pdf I give you the PDF of the assembly instructions Cobra-Instructions-PACK-06.pdf11.04 MB ยท 0 downloads
  13. no big difficulty except the size of the buttons on the dashboard: but they had the intelligence to put spare buttons in case one of them makes the air girl with the pressure of the tweezers. advice: stick the buttons in their slots because they are easily removed Ditto for the push button on the contactor with a micro drop of cyano (placed with a toothpick) the central arch justifies a stroke of black paint like the wheel arches to remove its plastic appearance.
  14. hello excuse me but the plate on the gearbox is not in the right direction regards
  15. Pierre

    Pack 6

    Hello always the same question it's been 1 week since we paid the 6 pack of the cobra: when can we expect to receive it we are waiting for confirmation but within 14 days
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