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  1. Tracking for N° 4 received yesterday. I hope that pack N° 4 comes to Belgium without any brexit surprises !!!!!!!
  2. airb


    What is going to happen after the first of January, when the brexit is a fact ? What is going to happen with the EU country's like Belgium, Holland, Germany, France, Italia and other not UK residents, i believe we must pay a lot of taxes on or following packs (income taxes, VAT etc.) Please a reaction from Agora !!!!!!
  3. airb

    Pack 3

    I receive a message from Paypal that Agora takes the payment for pack 4 on 22 december. @ Joep, i hope you get your pack 3 very fast now, corona is now an excuse for every delay !!!!
  4. Yes please, Formula 1 cars so much choice, Lotus, Tyrrell, Shadow, Hesketh, McLaren. So many cars that were never modeled in scale, and i don't need many moving parts, just a fine detailed model.
  5. Hello Agora team and other forum members, If Agora decides to bring a E-type Cabrio, to my personal opinion a very good idea. But than i hope that it's not a clone of the Model Space Jaguar E-type with another body, because that model is more a big toy made by Eligor than a model. An example the engine of that model is complete fantasy, and than for that price you paying !!!! I understand that firms like Agora and other deAgostini's bring a kind of models that everybody or almost everybody can construct, but of you simplify it the original until the niveau of a big Bu
  6. airb

    Pack 2

    I receive my tracking number for the Cobra pack 2, it 's on his way. Three times Hurah !!!!!!!
  7. airb

    Pack 2

    Oke, thank you Liam for the information.
  8. airb

    Pack 2

    In my opinion, it takes a long time between the payment (23/10) and receive some tracking information (02/11). Or have i no patience ??????
  9. airb

    Pack 2

    Until this moment no tracking number for pack 2, i receive just a message from paypal that Agora take the the payment for pack 2 at 23/10.
  10. airb

    When ????

    Yes, Joep i have a tracking number. the problem is that i am leaving on holiday for two weeks.
  11. I've got my tracking number yesterday, and i live in Belgium.
  12. airb

    When ????

    It's looks like Santa is coming !!!!!!!!!
  13. airb

    When ????

    Hi Joep, i hope the same for Belgium !!!!!!
  14. airb

    When ????

    Hello Agora, it's already september now, and i and maybe some more people like to ask you.... when do you start with the delivery of the first parts of the Cobra. The reason for this question.... we are so bloody unpatiently(me in the first place)
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