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  1. airb

    pack 9

    I would like to join this commentary on the listed errors. The biggest mistake for me is that the engine is totally wrong. There is not a single V8 engine where the crankshafts are in the same line, they are always staggered in relation to each other, this in connection with the crankshaft. I solved this by shifting the two halves of the engine block relative to each other, and keeping the crankcase as a size and making the timing chain housing (which is way too thick) narrower. The space that arises can be filled with plastic sheet. Then the view is better anyway. Also the shape of the
  2. airb

    pack 9

    Normally no shoulder harness is used in a 1965 car, either none or only the lap belt. I don't know where the manufacturer of the model got his information, at least not from a 1965 427cu. Perhaps from one of the numerous Cobra clones on the market or from a new one, available back through Shelby. The straps aren't pretty either, the buckles are too wide and certainly don't approach a real shoulder harness.
  3. My Home made new seats in resin for my Cobra are almost ready to place in the interior.
  4. Pack 9 gives us the solution to solve this problem, just a little patience !!!!!!
  5. I very much hope that in pack 9 the pieces will be delivered to solve the problem of the front suspension.
  6. Because i was not so happy with the seats, i sculpt one from milliput. A little more sanding and the seat is ready to be cast in resin.
  7. airb

    pack 7

    I notice two things, after the goods have been cleared through customs, the tracking from Bpost says "information about the shipment received from the sender", the sender is Agora, and that the procedure at customs went super fast !!! !
  8. airb

    pack 7

    I send a mail to Costumers service of Agora, and they ask me to send some paperwork, i send them the tracking information of Bpost, so they can see what we must pay.
  9. airb

    pack 7

    Got my tracking for pack 7, up to pack 8 now !!!!!! Keeping the faith !!!!!
  10. https://knupfer.info/shop/ One of the best and also one of the cheapest, with a great service, in Germany https://www.modelmotorcars.com/ In the U.S.
  11. I use threaded rod from 2 mm and nuts of also 2 mm.
  12. airb

    pack 7

    I think that i am make new seats, i don't like the stitching of the Agora seats. Like i do for my Alpine A110.
  13. Thank you, and i am sure, yours looks also good ass well, maybe better. Enjoy your build !!!! It's a very simple model, with much space for some detail work. Be sure you have enough documentation and pictures when you start to build.
  14. Some pictures of my almost rolling chassis. If you like it, tell me, if you don't like it tell it me also !!!!!
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