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Will this be close to the Spitfire by hachette


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We are targeting Pack 1 delivery in February. Not 100% confirmed yet because there is shipping/port chaos around the globe. However we are in production.

This week our website for the Zero goes live and we have been making some videos where you can see the functionality in action. Interestingly it includes the sound of the only known recording of the original engine!

A few of stills from one of the videos below:1204179047_Screenshot2020-12-14at14_13_40.thumb.png.32d330173a4334fae53140f24f0001cb.png995691792_Screenshot2020-12-14at14_14_27.thumb.png.ee169da1ed91d48a24af5a34ebcd0896.png1522910256_Screenshot2020-12-14at14_14_43.thumb.png.9d37635935cdecdc626e895b9ea3ef12.png

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Hey Shane. I checked the Hachette web site to get a price for the Spitfire. I have to admit that the info on their site is a bit confusing. What I got from it is that the Spitfire, complete, is around $1,800.00 US. Is that close? And how long is it going to take you to finish? I appreciate any response to this post. 

Thank you


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