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  1. Could be a trolly or bus
  2. I believe it’s cause they just gotten to 110 with hatchette. And I suspect. This will be the case with 111-120 as well. That agora won’t ship till after those have been supplied to hatchette customers first.
  3. well you should never test anything till asked or youll blow the LEDs out
  4. wow those tiny germans werent very good at maintaining their deck. they be court marshaled for their lack luster work. good thing they didnt make it back 😛 AWESOME job on weathering though love feel of the gritty sea that bashed this ship as it sailed. love to see your engine room if your doing that too. And are you planing on doing the hull like a stain where the water mightve tarnished it where the water met the air? ah never mind i saw the earlier photos when i scrolled back through of the hull
  5. I believe that the head and the base will have separate battery packs as the prototype that was shown on waynes world had
  6. i messaged a few days ago and they said in 2 weeks
  7. I wouldn’t hold your breath til it actually ships. They got the titanic too and that’s yet to ship
  8. Yes actually ian campbell has a temp stand for sale to hold it its featured in world of Waynes videos and if it were all metal to even that point its be twice as heavy. Also given how some parts like the thigh in metal might be harder to cast then a plastic injection mold. and cost /time and shipping weight. yeah i know a few times you open the box and you get all these light boxes of parts and then another is heavy.
  9. getting multiple stages like this is much more fun you can see things come together faster and feel like your actually getting more done vs 1 issue or 4 to 5 issues with other builds when some of them never have anything anything you just get a part
  10. yes only 8 the first pack and 12 there after if you do the math 11 packs X 12 parts each thats 132 and 8 in first pack = 140 🙂
  11. id build either one of these I havent seen much till now in the way of planes except the DC-3, Mig 29, spitifire and now the zero. A B52 super fortress might be nice. to see.
  12. its all nice but then you have to consider how much more you might have to pay for something and what more is in the cost to do such things, prime example is the delorean by eagle moss they dropped the ball on the flux and christmas tree when they couldve done it the same as what the mod community came up with and put a few moe dollars into making us pay for it im sure people would be happy had they done that same for the ecto 1 seeing what people are modding out there already every model has its faults and good points agora is listening more then others and hopefully eaglemoss l
  13. dashriptide


    i believe that they did address this issue some place in a letter / email or on the website in another post about they are not going to put any added money into the packs as far as that went and i would assume they would address before changing anything as far as money is concerned
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