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  1. i'm building the hachette spitfire,and there has been no issues with delivery even during lockdown...
  2. WHOO HOO got number 13 my 1st choice ....feel a fool for moaning now!
  3. brad i understand what you are saying but saying we would be told this week and letting us down is not on!,they've only got their selves to blame..
  4. sorin NOBODYS had a number and lou's gone into hiding! "agora models,a brand you can TRUST" hahahaha BOLLOCKS...
  5. mate they should not make promises they cant keep lou told us 12 days ago they were sending um this week they've had 12 days type emails out! all that bollocks about asking folk for numbers should make no difference to those that had already requested one...
  6. 6 hours ago lou said they were now sending numbers out,has anybody received theirs yet?
  7. their taking their time! at most theres only 427 to sort out and thats only if all limited edition models are sold out,and we havn't heard they have,get your bloody finger out agora ☺️☺️
  8. sorin if you think 4 months is too long,i pre ordered two yamaha lc 350 s from WITS models about 12 years ago! still no news...
  9. johnnyrotten13


    bigdee you wont be getting 5 packs all at once!,see the FAQ on the main site..
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