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  1. I received pack 12 today I was expecting my limited edition stand seeing as it's the last pack! No limited edition stand!!! Where is my stand?
  2. I was promised number 13 but got the standard cobra plate bloody sort it out pronto agora!!!!
  3. johnnyrotten13

    Pack 6

    me too mate it will have to be something really special like the alien or harrier jump jet for me im not really a car guy but had always liked the cobra..
  4. yeah seen it mate and i want it so bad along with the 66 bat mobile i really hope they both come to the UK..
  5. cygnus it could catch some people out though if there not expecting it to come out before even getting pack 5!
  6. the people who make videos for agora get their models free,world of wayne has had pack 5 a couple of week if they can send him pack 5 why cant they send ours?...
  7. its been out before its about time there were more exclusives..
  8. coconut the horn wont work, the suspension does work...
  9. it was posted to to austalia before christmas!
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