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  1. it was posted to to austalia before christmas!
  2. when was pack 4 sent out? ive not received mine or the email for pack 4!
  3. ive only recently got into 1/8 scale models and would sooner make rare or uncommon models or those with a WOW factor like the cobra,which i am currently building my only other big scale model is the easy rider chopper,like you say though everybodys different ;)
  4. when agora promised us a exclusive new model i expecting something totally unique that had not been done before and what do we get another e type all be it without a roof! whoopy bloody do,to say i'm utterly disappointed is an understatement...
  5. would love some 50s/60s F1 cars.....
  6. race cars dont need horns perhaps thats why your pic dont have them,the road cars do..
  7. johnnyrotten13

    Pack 3

    got pack 3 saturday the chassis is excellent..
  9. they said we will let you know in november what the red model is!,why always the end of a month and not the beginning ? PLEASE TELL US AGORA....GRRRRRRRRR
  10. i can tell you now it wont be that,somebody else is already doing it agora say their model is an exclusive so its never been done before...
  11. No sooner have we survived Halloween and retailers are preparing for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Window displays are looking cosy, festive and celebratory lights have gone up. Very quickly our thoughts turn towards Christmas as the TV stations begin airing their Christmas ads. It always starts with a sense of resistance – surely it’s too early for our thoughts to turn to Christmas! But, very quickly, we give in. And this year, don’t you think we all need to be optimistically planning for a celebration? Come on, let’s embrace this. We deserve to have some fun!
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