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Finger issue


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Hi I’ve subscribed the T800 build. I’m on stage 3 trying to make the first finger, I’m using the finger parts that were taped to the back of the packet as per the instructions it seems one of the pins 3-12 are too big, so when I try to secure the finger joint with 3-13 there is a massive gap and the joint won’t meet as it should? 

I’ve contacted Agora and they said to post this issue here?



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Hi Loz, 

It would probably be beneficial if you added a photo of the "massive gap" to give us an idea of the problem. I personally had no problem, but it may be the case that you had conflicts with squeezing the sleeve (3-14) and pins (3-12) properly. I went with the idea of putting the plastic sleeves into place before inserting the pin. This made for convenience with pressing it all together. Otherwise (pin and sleeve shoved through holes) I couldn't easily make them go all the way through.

It doesn't require an alternative part set from outside providers (e.g. modelmodz) unless you like the idea of locking the fingers in each position.

Good luck!

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good morning everyone,

will agora be making the finger joint replacement [aka modelmodz] available or make alternative suggestions.  to hold the T800 upright i use a 'S' hook or meat hook - available in garden centres - then hang it from shelves etc. as the model is heavy when all limbs are attached, i hope this helps.

thanks in advance.

stay safe everyone


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