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  1. I have to agree with this one - a forward motion on firing is the exact opposite to a "recoil reaction". Every time I view the sample video, I 'recoil' myself at the lunacy of this as a realistic action!
  2. Anyone who follows the Hachette release would know that Agora has (for the most part) caught up with Hachette on the stages that are released. I suspect this is why our subscriptions moved from 4-weekly to 5-weekly. My Pack 10 is now in Australia and will likely arrive this week. The best YouTube presenters have up to Stage 102 on show. It's curious that we (Agora subscribers) could have gotten ahead of the originating suppliers of this kit. Still, 2020/21 has not been the most predictable of years. I entered into this subscription in the expectation of shipments from the "Australian ware
  3. I would like to suggest doing the leg plate part of this Stage immediately after completing Stage 87. This would avoid the ‘tricky’ access to the screws because the thigh has not been attached to the rest of the body yet. I’ve looked at the assembly guide, and can’t see an issue, but have not yet reached Stage 87 in my build. 👋 Might as well take advantage of the Pack system over the Stage weekly subscriptions whenever you can!
  4. You should’ve been informed by now that the shipment / payment interval has now moved to 35 days. I’m not thrilled to hear it in Australia. Especially since the original promises were of shipments from Australian warehouses. However, we’re getting free shipments from the UK, and they’re mostly accurate and undamaged. I am still appreciative that I can get the packages in Australia, whereas the Ecto-1 isn’t available.
  5. Yes, I think you’re referring to the kit from Partworkupgrades.com . The intention of the fix is to resolve both the wobbly side muscle pistons and tendons on both lower legs of the T-800. I ordered it myself after confirming that the Agora pack doesn’t change the situation seen with the original Hachette parts. I paid £16.98 GBP for the parts and tracked shipping to Australia. It was ordered on 10 October and was shipped out on 17 October. I don’t normally modify my models, preferring to follow the maker’s intention, but the loose components just irritated so much to see that I had to do
  6. Hey @oakboy2002, I don't have the problem you are stating. Your photo doesn't show the connection of the spinal cord at the bottom of the vertebrae - maybe you didn't tighten the nut enough, or inserted the wrong end of the spinal cord. Also, the attachment of the bottom plate (last before pelvis) isn't shown. Things snugged up significantly for me after that.
  7. Hi Loz, It would probably be beneficial if you added a photo of the "massive gap" to give us an idea of the problem. I personally had no problem, but it may be the case that you had conflicts with squeezing the sleeve (3-14) and pins (3-12) properly. I went with the idea of putting the plastic sleeves into place before inserting the pin. This made for convenience with pressing it all together. Otherwise (pin and sleeve shoved through holes) I couldn't easily make them go all the way through. It doesn't require an alternative part set from outside providers (e.g. modelmodz) unless yo
  8. I’ve been hearing that the side muscle connections have been very wobbly with the original Hachette parts. Is this implementation any better than that? There are modification suppliers, but I’d rather Agora improved on the original if they know of the existing issues.
  9. Scary complicated! I'll probably finish the T-800 first, then see what others might be offered before considering jumping into this one!
  10. Simple maths - Hachette currently post a collection of 140 Stages. So, If Agora was to stick to a 12 month plan, there would be about 12 Stages per pack. Maybe some variance around which packs get which major parts, but that's the count.
  11. Can you maybe take the littlelist amount of time, General Lou, to check that the text is actually spelt correctly? I believe we are trying to initially glue 4 Nuts into the base rather than 4 nets! We don't want fast postings of the official build diary if it means bad spelling persisting for the life of these products.
  12. Maybe a good point in the process to highlight that 2 PM 3*6mm screws need to be added between Steps 11 and 12. It is not mentioned in the instructions, and our favourite YouTuber notes it. This would make the Official Agora Build Diary the best source of information for all Members.
  13. I found that the sticky parts were the left and right shoulder cogs (Parts 23-1 and 28-2). They are cast from a rougher mould (of aluminium it looks like), and the groove for the springs is narrow - this tends to form some oxidation on the inside edges of the groove. It probably grabs the spring inconsistently, depending on how much oxidation has occurred, and leads to inconsistent binding. My spring tended to bind initially on both shoulders while test fitting to the cog (Steps 25-10 and 29-10). I wetted a small stick with… wait for it… WD-40 (!) and wiped it around the inside of the gro
  14. There is an "Expert Tip" for Step 14 (attaching the muscle springs) which I DO NOT recommend you follow. General Lou does not do it in the above build, and the springs only need tension assistance for a brief period while the superglue dries. Putting Blu Tack or similar over the springs to hold some tension against the hand part only ends in tears, as the putty/sticky only gets pressed into the coils of the spring and is an absolute hassle to try and get out! Why it was even suggested, I cannot guess.
  15. Loving the pictures and descriptions, Mark! Can you at all break your build diary into subsets for each pack as you go? The one entry takes heaps of scrolling to get to the latest content. I’ve seen General Lou manage it for his builds, so hopefully it can work for you too.
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