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A sneaky preview of the model!

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I'm building the publicity model of the W196R for Agora, so I can share a few pics of the model as I build it.  This isn't a full build diary by any means, but just a few quick snaps to give you an idea of what you can expect from the model.  An Official Build Diary will be posted when the model is released.

A quick disclaimer.  This is a pre-release of the model.  I don't think there will be any great changes in the full release, but there may be some differences.  In my best legalese, "Don't quote me!"

Let's start with the wheels.  We get two versions of the wheels.  The regular assembly and the easy assembly.

The easy assembly wheels have the spokes made as a two disks of pre-formed metal spokes.  The wheel can be assembled quickly and easily.  The finished wheel looks like this, which I think looks pretty good.  Certainly nothing to be ashamed of.


The regular assembly wheel is somewhat more challenging, and definitely takes a lot longer!  This wheel is made of individual spokes, and has a lovely CNC machined aluminium hub.

It looks absolutely stunning!


How hard is it to make?  Well, it's a game of two halves.  The back rows of spokes are easy to fit.  I found them easier that the E-Type wheels.  The front rows are more of a challenge.  They need to be inserted through the hub, fed through the rear spokes, then fixed to the rear rim.  Overall, I'd say they are on a par with the E-Type wheels.  More complex but better designed, and overall, I found them more enjoyable to build.  

Here's a better photo of the completed wheel.


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One of the nice things about older cars is that you get a proper chassis.  


The front suspension is fully detailed.


All the brake pipes are represented.


The car has a rear mounted gearbox, differential and inboard drum brakes.  Brake pipes, fuel lines, and other plumbing is all provided.  Not shown on these photos but fitted later in the build.  The rear suspension appears to be very realistically represented.


Here's an overall shot of the chassis with suspension and gearbox fittedP1140645.thumb.JPG.95831e8531079a929a074520fa3e15e1.JPG

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The seat is nicely represented.  The 'cloth' is actually a soft plastic, nicely parented with the tartan pattern.  

No seatbelts!!!  Can you imagine driving a 2500cc car, open cockpit, racing at over 300 kph/185mph, with no seatbelt and rudimentary crash helmet?  Those drivers were fearless!!!!


A few more parts added to the rear chassis.



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Hi, I'm building the IXO Juan Fangio version of the Mercedes, and I must admit, the spoked wheels are a lot easier than the ones on E-Type Jaguar.  The spoked versions are a lot more convincing than the easy version.  Rather than attempt to apply the small fiddly pieces of double-sided sticky tape, I used PVA to temporarily stick the spokes in place.

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27 minutes ago, Taffy said:Rather than attempt to apply the small fiddly pieces of double-sided sticky tape, I used PVA to temporarily stick the spokes in place.

I used Bluetac. The tape worked ok on the first half of the wheel, but was hopeless on the second half. 

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They were carrying a good bit of weight and were known to be a real handful. I imagine the designers tried many size tires and compounds.


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