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MIURA "warm white" headlights

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Im not doing this model but I do work with LEDs a lot. The cold white lights could be replaced with a warmer one. All of the LED's I have encountered on my build have been a standard size and voltage.  Even without seeing them, I would expect them to be 3mm diameter , 3-3.2 volts at 20mA. This should be an easy like for like swap.

I was one of the fortunate ones who was only into the EM Ecto-1 build for one pack when they went belly up. I had been working on the lights in the grill and added some additional LEDs and ran them with an Arduino to make the strobe effect, the same method I am going to use on the 917 I'm doing now. All of the LEDs in this Ecto grill are this 3mm, 3v, 20mA style. 

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