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Hey all,

I'm on a 12 month plan for the Bismark, which means I should get a shipment every month. The first box came just fine (within a few days), but for the second two weeks went by, and I finally contacted them and asked where it was (they got it into the mail the next day). Now, with the third shipment, it will be three weeks since my card was charged, and there is no word, my order seems to be stuck in "Processing".

Is this normal? Should I just expect it will take 3+ weeks for Agora to ship my boxes? (And I'm not even talking about the time it takes to cross the country, they haven't even gotten it into the mail yet). I'm finding this very frustrating. I love the model, but the shipping is stressing me out. I guess my question is, how long is it reasonable to give them to ship the box that I've paid for? What have been your shipping times? Should they be more on top of this, or am I just being unreasonable?

I don't feel comfortable letting them charge my card again for the next box if they haven't even put the last one into the mail yet. If we get close to my charge date for the 4th box (which is the 23rd of each month), I'm going to be putting the whole thing on hold until they can get caught back up, I think.


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Im dealing with this for the fdny model, they charge my card usually the 27th of the month and then it takes WEEKS before i get email saying it was shipped.

i get charged for pack 9 in a week and a half and i havent even got pack 8 yet (im in the usa)

they used to be quick (around a week after card was charged), now its whenever. I dont blame the shipping from the ports either (that was put of agoras control 🙂

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23 hours ago, AgoraSam said:

Hi Towerguy751, FDNY Pack 8 ships this week after clearing the ports and then Pack 9 ships end of November and we are back on schedule. Sorry for this delay to Pack 8. Thank you

Awesomesauceness (if thats even a word lol)


looking forward to getting them, i havent had any issues so far. I am missing one one piece for one of the electrical cabinet doors, but black tape fixed that 🙂

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This is usually how they ship. The Agora promise says that once an order is placed it will take 48 hrs to dispatch or they will notify you. This never happens so the promise is false. As of Nov 26 2022 they have $550 of mine and I have received nothing. So get use to waiting and excuses.

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A few week between billing (which seems to be on a automated schedule) and the shipping/receipt of pack, is pretty normal from my limited experience. The first few packs of my Porsche were on a known delayed schedule since it was just announced and released when I ordered it. Both models from pack 4 on seem to be what I should expect for the rest of the subscriptions. 

I am in Massachusetts and all of my shipments so far have come from the UK. 


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I live in the UK and I believe the item ships from the UK, however, I get charged on 28th of the month but it normally takes 10 to 14 days for the item to be shipped, it normally takes 2 days or so once shipped but in my opinion it is too long after payment before the pack is posted.

Last payment was 28th December and I received an email today from Royal Mail stating they had the item and would be with me in 24/48 hours. Quite a quick turnaround this month, it really should be within 48 hours of payment being taken

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