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The Lotus Esprit, Pack 3

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Stage 17, Preparing the engine block

This is a quick stage!



Start by attaching the bracket to the interior of the engine block, Fix with 2 DS05 screws



Next, fit the oil pipe into its designated slot. this will fit only 1 way.


Stage finished!

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Stage 18, fitting the engine block and exhaust manifold


Start with the cylinder head assembly from stage 11, and attach the exhaust manifold. It is secured with 2 PS02 screws



Next, place the cylinder head onto the engine block assembly from he last stage. Secure with 2 DS01 screws.


Next, fit the engine block part to the assembly, and fix in place with 2 more DS01 screws.


Stage finished.

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Stage 19, attaching the pulleys



In this stage, we start by assembling the pulleys, and attaching them to the front support bracket of the motor. Assemble the pulleys and attach them to the support bracket. Next, attach the plate with a DS01 screw.


Stage finished.

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Stage 20, Fitting the oil pump, distributor and spark plug wires


In this stage we start by fitting the spark plug wires. Using the two long wires, and the two medium wires, we fit these to the engine block assembly from the previous stage.


Next,the shortest wire is fitted to the center pin on the distributor cap.


The spark plug wires are then fitted onto the distributor cap in a counter clockwise manner, starting with the first long wire on the block. ( No pic)

Next, the oil filter and distributor are press fit onto the oil pump.



Lastly, the oil pump and distributor are pressed into place with the wires being routed between the oil pipe and the carbs.



Stage finished.


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Stage 21, Fitting the alternator and belts

Start by fitting the toothed pulley to the front bracket assembly.


Next, fit the alternator pulley to the alternator rotor, then fit this assembly to the front portion of the alternator. (Part 21-C)Secure the pulley assembly to the alternator part with a PS01 screw.


Now, Join the main body of the alternator with the previous assembly.


Next, fit the alternator onto the front bracket as well as the oil pipe.


Examine the two belts. One is slightly wider than the other. Place the thinner belt into position on the toothed pulleys, and the larger pulley.


Lastly, fit the wider belt into position as shown.



Stage finished

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Stage 22, Attaching the air box

This is a super quick stage.

Start by attaching part 22-A to the motor. Fix in place with 2 PS14 screws. Then fit part 22-B into place, and secure with a PS05 screw. Lastly, fit the rear oil pipe into position on the air box.



Stage finished


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Stage 23, Fitting the back plate and gearbox


Start by fitting the flat portion of the back plate assembly to the engine block. secure with 2 PS02 screws. Now, place the gearbox into position with the two tabs being secured with 2 more PS02 screws.


Lastly, position the second part of the back plate, ans fix into place with 2 PS02 screws.



Stage finished

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Stage 24, Attaching the oil sump


Start this stage by adding the two "gaskets" to either side of the oil sump. Fix in place with 4 P827 screws. IMG_7248.thumb.jpg.3bda9e80cb39a1ad0658cd953ae7de3c.jpg

Next, position the oil sump onto the engine block, and fix in place with 2 PS02 screws. IMG_7250.thumb.jpg.cf1c20594508dce0509f35a4a22c0804.jpgIMG_7251.thumb.jpg.72e50882e1230ca033d0b7af6c186c84.jpg

Stage finished.

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Stage 25, Mounting the engine block to the chassis

Position the two engine block mounting posts over the backbone chassis, and secure with 2 PS05 screws.



Stage finished

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