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Great Kit, but with a few issues


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Upon completion of this awesome kit, figured I'd share my biggest issues/gripes.  Overall I'm very happy - it's a beautiful piece that begs to be ogled and shown off.  Now I'm shopping for glass curio cabinets to house this (and the other ones I'm going to build).

- The orange rubber tubing for plug wires was not fun to work with, and doesn't look very realistic.  SuperGlue for the win.  Kit should included little ties to tie off sections of wire for a clean look, rather than spaghetti.

- The 'headlight cover' stickers looked terrible, I didn't use them

- The steering setup is not good, not scale, and not necessary for a static model.  The brake cooling tubes limit the steering quite a bit, anyway.

-  The door latches are not necessary.  It takes a lot of fiddling to open the doors once they're latched.  One must be careful opening the doors and not scratching the paint ... would be nice if the kit included some kind of special plastic 'door opener' to pry with.  Latching doors are unnecessary.

-  The little fasteners for the hood/boot are madness to try to secure.  I'll just file them down and glue them onto the hood.  Much easier to get it on and off this way and not risk scratching the paint with tweezers.

-  The rear lid not having fixed hinges leaves too much risk for scratching the paint at the pivot point.  It wants to fall out every time I try to open it high enough to use the support arm and display the engine compartment.  I'll have to put a small piece of clear tape in that area to avoid further paint damage, as there's already a small chip in the orange.

-  The braided cables used for 'fuel lines' don't fit the little sleeves they're supposed to slide into.  SuperGlue for the win.  There's some fuel line rearrangement at the very end that I couldn't do because all that stuff is superglued.  Not a big deal, nobody's going to notice unless they're a complete 917K nerd.








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