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Formula 1

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Forgive me if I've missed it but I couldn't see any suggestions around F1 cars?

There must be a good number of past and present examples that would make a stunning 1:8 build-up.

They're admired and recognized across the world although this year we may be starved of some races/venues and who knows we may see an increased move toward the E-series as the various environmental and political climates have their way. 

The opportunities for 'moving parts' may be more limited than the recognised movie and TV cars but the steering and suspension could be fully operable together with removable front nose-cone and rear wings, adjustable DRS. Having the ability to remove the wheels for tyre options, (perhaps not the whole Pirelli gamut: hard, medium, soft, super-soft etc.) but some choice, would widen the appeal to modellers and fans alike.

I'll leave others visiting here to suggest their favourites and hope my own are amongst them...

Stay safe and keep modelling.

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