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Greetings folks,

Just saw that Wayne, from  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnqD64BMSRW6S8phmT1gohw/videos    has started his second build of a Terminator T-800 kit. This time from Agora Models. Looks like he's working with Agora to do this build which is a great idea, as Wayne is easy to listen to and does a fantastic youtube channel. Check him out as he has done a complete video of Pack 1 build that all of us will be receiving soon.

Another site I'd like to recommend for tips and hints is   https://myterminatort800.com/build/   Very well laid out website and he's up to Issue 50. He has other builds going on as well.

Just checked my tracking number (May 14,2020) and my Pack 1 has left the UK on the way to the US. Cheer!

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Here is another very useful site, it's a private build site, but you can easily become a member, https://www.facebook.com/groups/T800.build/

Lots of fantastic build info, as well as some incredible mods by members.

Also, check out https://modelmodz.com/, it's not a build site, but does contain some valuable mods that you can purchase to make your build better.

Mine also finally left the UK (7 days after getting the shipping notice by Agora), hope it gets here in a timely manor, my last order from the UK, during the lockdown, took 6 weeks.... hopefully this will get here faster.

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On 7/3/2020 at 9:17 AM, Space Jockey said:

Does anyone happen to know what's going on with Modelmodz at the moment? Maybe the delay is Covid related, but the terminator mods are taking forever to go back in stock.

All the terminator mods are now back in stock at modelmodz.....run, don't walk 🙂

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7 hours ago, David said:


There are only 2 pieces out of the 4 in stock, I will need all the parts to start, do you know when it's coming back in stock?

You might want to contact Modelmodz direct, recently their has been a partnership breakup at the company and it is not clear as to who will be selling what part from what store.

You might as well grab what you can now, cause ya never know what's gonna happen to this place in the short term.

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On 25/10/2020 at 15:25, tinkertoo said:

Vous voudrez peut-être contacter Modelmodz directement, récemment, il y a eu une rupture de partenariat au sein de l'entreprise et il n'est pas clair qui vendra quelle pièce dans quel magasin.

Vous pourriez aussi bien saisir ce que vous pouvez maintenant, car vous ne savez jamais ce qui va arriver à cet endroit à court terme.


I will order the 2 available, I have already sent them an email, but he does not answer, do you know maybe where I can still get them please?

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22 minutes ago, David said:


I will order the 2 available, I have already sent them an email, but he does not answer, do you know maybe where I can still get them please?

The remaining partner in ModelModz is Chloe(she), the other partner is running ScaledModz on facebook, you can buy the ball joints from him https://www.facebook.com/scaled.modz (Better hurry, he's got a few left and once they are sold, no more will be made)

As for the eyes, keep on trying to get in touch with Chloe, and/or ask Corrie on ScaledModz if he can get you any. Good luck.

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Il y a 6 minutes, tinkertoo a déclaré:

Le partenaire restant dans ModelModz est Chloe (elle), l'autre partenaire exécute ScaledModz sur facebook, vous pouvez lui acheter les joints à rotule https://www.facebook.com/scaled.modz  (Mieux vaut dépêchez-vous, il en reste quelques uns et une fois qu'ils seront vendus, il n'en sera plus fait)

En ce qui concerne les yeux, continuez à essayer d'entrer en contact avec Chloé, et / ou demandez à Corrie sur ScaledModz s'il peut vous en trouver. Bonne chance.

Thank you

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