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Pack 3, The Jamed Bond DB5

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Pack 3 wraps up the engine, has parts for the frame, and has us build parts of the front suspension.


Stage 16, Fitting the right engine block;

Stage 16 is a pretty quick stage with the right half of the engine block, and the mounting bracket for the oil pan. Start by mounting the oil pan bracket to the block half with 2 DS25 screws. Then, the assembly is fixed to the engine assembly from the previous stages. Use 4 DS01 screws to secure the right half in place.


Stage done! (Told you it was a quick one!)


Stage 17, Attaching the Fan, Oil pump, and pipes;

This stage starts with the oil pump. It is mounted via 2 pins and a PS20 screw. I had a heck of a time getting the oil pump into place, and I ended up disassembling the motor, taking off the head, then mounting the oil pump. This made it super easy. I simply could not get the oil pump pressed into place with my fat fingers!


Next, the right oil pipe is installed, followed by the left one. These are pressed into place, and went in perfectly. These are followed by the front oil pipe. Again, this is a press fit, and goes into place without issue.


The oil pipes are followed by the engine fan. Press the fan into place, and secure it with a PS20 screw.


Stage complete!


Stage 18, attaching the oil pan;

This is another super quick stage, but takes us sooo close to a finished motor! There is also a bit of pipework to install as well.


We start by fitting an Oil pipe into place on the head. It took me a few to puzzle out how this went on, but I got it eventually. Blame it on an old, tired mind....!Next, the oil pan goes on, and is held in place with PS20 screws.


Super fast, and super done!



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Stage 19, connecting the oil distribution pipe;

This stage comes with a bit of pipework, and the front frame. We only use the pipe for this stage however.


The pipe is a press fit, and goes behind the fan, at the front of the motor. For ease of assembly, I dismounted the fan. The pipe has 3 pins, all of which are a good, solid pressfit. I started on the U-bend side of the pipe, and worked my way to the other side. The pipe goes into place easily.



Stage complete.

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Stage 20, fixing the suspension mounts;

The engine is set aside for the time being, and we start working on the frame, and the front suspension.


Using the frame part from the last stage, and the 2 L shaped brackets, start with the left side. The suspension mount slips into place, and is secured with 3 DS07 screws. Repeat this sequence for the right side.


Stage complete

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Stage 21, Joining the front and middle chassis;


Using the assembly from the last stage, position the middle chassis in place with the front chassis, and secure it with 4 DS02 screws.


Stage complete

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Stage 22, building the right wheel hub and fitting the upper right control arm;



This stage has a bit more going on than the previous stage. We start by inserting the wheel hub into the brake disc, then capturing the disc with the caliper which is secured with two very small DS21 screws.


Next, we will need the upper control arm, 4 DS27 screws, and the two brackets. I found that starting one of the screws securing the bracket, and leaving the bracket with a lot of play, then positioning the control arm into position under the bracket, and then starting the second screw made it a bit more easy to get the control arm into position. Otherwise, I need 3 hands to try and hold the bracket, control arm, and screwdriver with a screw. Secure one side, and the next side is not at all problematic to get the bracket into position and secured.


Stage complete.



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Stage 23, Assembling the right front suspension;


Start by mounting the anti-roll bar connection to the lower control arm, securing with a PS31 screw. Next, take the lower control arm, and 2 23F pins, and mount the control arm to the chassis, paying attention to the direction the pins are inserted from. Press the pins securely into place.


Next, place the lower part of the shock absorber into position, and using another pin, fix it into place. This is followed by placing the spring over the shock absorber then the upper portion into the spring and onto the lower part. Move the upper control arm out of the way and using the last pin, mount the upper shock  to the chassis.


Lastly, The hub gets installed. Note that the caliper faces to the rear! Mount the hub to the lower control arm using a DS24 screw, followed by the upper control arm, also mounted with e DS24 screw. Take care to not over tighten these screws as you'll want free movement.


Stage and pack finished!

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3 hours ago, CraigThePlague said:

Ditto. I wish there was an option to buy all now.

If this build follows the pattern of others, there won't be an option to buy the whole kit until the end (or near the end) of the current run.

(I'm still waiting for pack three as well 😛 )

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