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Mario´s Shelby Cobra

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Hello everyone
I join you from France
it's a beautiful car
I would like to ask you your opinion:
Are the fuel hoses fixing pins to the carburetor not upside down?
on all the images from agora these hoses do not appear !!
on the engine have they not forgotten the starter?
What are the openings on the bottom of the oil pan for: that there are not on the original?

and where is the water pump


best regards to all

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Moin Mario hier,


In den Ausgaben 18 - 21 wird das Fahrgestell komplettiert und die Radaufhängungen montiert.

Bauphase 22 und 23 , das zweite Rad









3 Packs Shelby Cobra, sehr schön.




Video von den Ausgaben 18 - 21



Gruß Mario


Kiek mol wedder in


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On 10/8/2020 at 5:49 PM, Mario´s Schiffsmodellbau said:

Moin Mario hier,


Part 2

Reifen mit Felge und Bremse













Zum 2. Part das Video




Gruß Mario


Kiek mol wedder in

Liebe Grüße...

Sehr geil...

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Good evening

 received coli n ° 5

after examination and start of assembly some remarks


- the front suspensions are easier to assemble if the wheels are removed, unlike what they do at Agora

- the wheel fixing bolts are too short and they screw up easily (2) I replaced with longer ones with washer

-the front shock absorbers actually disengage if the car is lifted; if the additional accessories of the front axle (rack and stabilizer bar) do not prevent this too great downward travel, we will have to find a way to eliminate this defect because once the car is finished it will be a hassle to rewind the shock absorbers

-the plastic of the wheel arches is really raw plastic and deserves a little satin black paint to be cleaner!

- and for aesthetics I am going to paint the springs in red and you have to put a small black washer at the foot of each spring to center them on the shock absorber otherwise they go off to the side.


see you more for pictures.

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