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Updated shipping dates ?


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Do we know if pack 1 is likely to ship soon ? 

I can see from my orders that pack 2 now seems to have slipped and be scheduled to Feb 28th so I was wondering if we could confirm if Pack  1 has started going out yet ?

Thanks all





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Hi Gaspode, 

Pack 1 is shipping this week. We will be emailing everyone a tracking number so that they can track their parcel through the postal system.

We have set pack 2 to ship 1 month after pack 1 goes as we didn't want to send and charge for it straight after pack 1 so that each pack arrives roughly the same time each month.

Here is a photo of pack 1 box so you can look out for it! (With our prototype model)


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On 1/29/2020 at 8:36 AM, MoorMa1 said:

Has anyone heard about there pack 1 yet. I was told tuesday or wednesday this week. But i havent heard anything yet.

Hi MoorMa1,

Pack 1 shipped Wednesday and more today. You will receive your tracking number from Customer Services. Please contact customerservice@agoramodels.com if you have not yet received your tracking number. Thanks very much for your order!


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