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18 minutes ago, Flaminiasupersport said:

I checked the weight of a Miura which is around 1300 kgs... in 1/8 scale it means the model should weight 1300:8= 163 kgs 🤔

1300 ÷ 100 = 13 x 8 = 104
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Just found this...

Weight scales, but not in quite the way you imagine.

a 1/10th car is 1/10th of the length. It is also 1/10th of the width and 1/10th of the height.

If you took ten of your toy cars and laid them end to end they would be as long as your real car, but still 1/10th the width and 1/10th the height. So we would need 100 cars in ten rows of ten to be the same length and width, and 1000 toy cars to be the same length, width and height.

So your 1/10th size car, if it were made from the same materials as the real car, would be 1/1000th the weight.

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