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Pack 11 - Stage 83. The luggage rack.

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Stage 83 gives us the luggage rack.


As with the original car, the luggage rack is optional.  Now THAT's attention to detail!  Full marks Agora!!

Take the holders and fit them to the luggage rack.  Note that they are marks L & R.

Insert the D shaped in into the D shaped hole at the top of the rack.


Insert a countersunk screw in the bottom of the holder to secure it in place.


The completed rack looks like this.


If you decided to fit this, you will need to drill some hole in the boot lid.  This isn't particularly difficult, but needs a bit of care and the right tool.  I recommend a pin vice.  I do NOT recommend a Dremel type powered drill.  The drill can bite into the metal or skate over the paintwork and badly damage your beautifully painted boot.  A pin vice may take a little longer, but is much more controllable and far safer.  You will also need a 1.8mm drill and preferably another drill slightly smaller, say 1.3mm.  


With the smaller drill, drill though the boot lid from the back where the dimples are.  Place an old newspaper or something similar to protect your paintwork and the work surface as the drill breaks through the top of the boot lid.  Best not to work directly on your dining room, unless you want to join the dog in its house!!

Keep the metal shavings (aka swarf) away from your paintwork and work surface as they are sharp and will scratch pretty much anything, but especially red paintwork and dining tables!


Now turn the boot lid over and drill out the hole with the 1.8mm drill from the top.  This will give you a nice clean hole.  Drilling a smaller hole followed by a larger one is easier than going straight in with the 1.8mm drill.


The boot lid will look like this when all 6 holes are drilled.


Now place the luggage rack in position.  The instructions say that glue isn't needed, but I found that my rack was loose, so I did use some superglue.  Apply a small amount with a cocktail stick from the inside.  Capillary action will draw the glue into the joint.


This completes the stage.



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4 hours ago, Modellbau Schwaben said:
I also had to think about whether I should drill the holes in the trunk lid... 
But I'm glad I did it

Yeah, it's a bit daunting, drilling holes in the trunk lid.  Actually, its not that difficult if you take your time and have the right tools.

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Hi, followed you tips to fixing the luggage rack.  First hole drill using 1mm drill, then using a 1.6mm drill from the outside.  This gave a nice snug fit for the rack instead of the 1.8mm that you used.

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