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Where is the best place for Agora updates?


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I'm really new to all of this partswork stuff but I've seen enough to make some observations. All of the companies that sell these subscription type kits have universally poor communication skills with the subscribers. I personally bailed out on my first ever attempt at this (the Ecto-1 Eaglemoss) precisely because they were not communicating well, we all know why in retrospect. If you look at the forums and channels about this stuff it is full of people looking for reliable official updates. There is a lot of frustration at the lack of transparency in the workings of their subscriptions. I know people get ticked off if a monthly shipment is delayed but I also know the vast majority of them would take it a lot better if the company had only sent some info. A "sorry Pack X for Build Y will be delayed , we will let you know when its shipping soon" would go a long way to customer happiness rather than having to browse endless forums and try to piece together some picture of what might be happening. 


That being said.... Where IS the best place to find out what is going on with Agora? If there isn't one then this is a excellent opportunity to be the leader amongst partwork companies and make one. (the News&Views page is not really used for this kind of granular info)

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Yes, I receive the newsletters, September was about the Optimus Prime release only and I also get the Community Digest eMails. Reply from CS was a curt ..

"We had communicated that Pack 5 is charged at the end of October and it's monthly from then. " and then a reminder to check for newsletter delivery.

So my question is, Where did you communicate that exactly? Is there an Oct newsletter out already? When I say you didn't send me any communication , the wrong answer is "Yes we did" with no info about where and how.

This eMail exchange illustrates the point of the original post well...

The original post was a question. "Where IS the best place to find out what is going on with Agora?" Still have not seen a direct answer. Is it the website, newsletter, direct eMail, Community Digest... ???????

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Hi Cubicle23, we are sending an update by email today, please write to us via Support if you do not receive it. The newsletter has lots of information plus all of our social channels and ofcourse the website. We hope this helps. Thank you

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I actually find they're very responsive. Eaglemoss, I agree, they weren't very responsive to their customers. And now they're bankrupt and getting bought by others.

I've had to communicate with Agora a couple of times for replacement parts on my Titanic build, and they've responded quickly, and I've been satisfied with the results. After I complete either Titanic or the one I started from Eaglemoss (I'm hopeful someone will pick it up and finish it [hint Agora]), I plan on doing some of their other models. Got my eye on the Terminator. 

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How about the Ferrari shipping? I have 3 packs in hand and another is in transit but was expecting these as well by now.  Have not seen anything about this delay via email or otherwise.

Display Case and Plinth 
Your Limited Edition includes:

• Individual numbered name plaque (1-60)
• Signed and numbered certificate (1-60)
• Limited Edition illuminated display plinth
• Acrylic display case with wooden base

We will be allocating your specific number (1-60) on a random basis.

The Display Case will be sent to you in late August.

Your Plinth and Plaque with Certificate will be sent in September.

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Hi Cubicle23, you ordered the 12-monthly subscription, you've paid for 3 packs and received 3 packs so far. Please contact the Support Team for any further clarification regards your order. The date of the items above are for customers who purchased the full kit, not the 12-month subscription. These will come at the end of the collection for the 12-month subscription. Thank you

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