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General Lou

T-800 Terminator Pack 3 - Stage 24

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Stage 24, joining the arm to the hand:



I grab the two peices of ball joint and screw them together:



Now I use another screw to attach the ball joint to the hand:



Then the hand attaches to the arm. I push the joints together hard until they clip in. The big socket goes into the big ball joint and the rest line up to be pushed in:



Then you have the muscle springs still dangling around, so I just thread them through the hand so they are all straight and not overlapping each other: 



Now the end of the muscle springs connect to the hand using these connectors. I found that they go in a lot easier if you file them down a little:



I place the glue on the springs instead of the actual connector because again, I found that they go in easier this way:



Finally, i put some more glue onto the hand, just bellow the finger in the little rectangle hole, and place the muscle spring connectors into them:



Stage complete



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