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  1. Version 1.0.0


    The Terminator: Build the T-800 Pack 7 Build Instructions
  2. Version 1.0.0


    The Terminator: Build the T-800 Pack 6 Build Instructions
  3. Stage 60, right leg muscles: I glue another black ring on to another leg joint, the same as stage 59: Just like the previous stage, I assemble another tendon: When I put the nut into the tendon, I place it on my screwdriver to help guide it in: This is the muscle from stage 54. I attach it to the back of the leg. Be aware that there is a right and wrong direction on the muscle. This image shows it in the correct way: The two tendons now go inside of the two muscles which I have connected:
  4. Stage 59, right thigh muscle: The black ring piece goes on to the joint. I use a little glue to hold it in place: Now on to the tendon. The tendon ring slots on the end of the tendon and holds on with one screw: Next, I get the thigh muscle from stage 52 and screw it on to the front of the pelvis. Before I attach it i make sure that it is on the correct way, as shown in the images: Stage complete
  5. Stage 54, assembling more muscles: I build another leg muscle. Same as before, all the parts fit in each other as shown below: Next, I place the inner muscle in the shaft. This is all very easy because it is exactly the same as the other side: Now I press the side muscles into the sockets on the pelvis. This creates the ball joint which allows it all to move: Stage complete
  6. Stage 58, right thigh: This big thigh plate joins on to the side of the thigh with 3 screws: Now I get part 57-2 and screw it on the back of the leg: Stage complete
  7. Stage 57, leg and hip: The hip plate goes over the hip which was previously screwed in. This plate is screwed in with a hex key. Don't screw it in too tight as they are hard to remove if the head gets worn: Then I simply insert these two parts together: Stage complete:
  8. Stage 56, fitting the leg: Firstly, I put the inner casing hip joint into the leg, and then the hip joint goes through it: Now I join the leg at the hip joint and use one screw to hold it in: Next, I cover up the hip joint with these two pieces, making sure that the screw holes are still exposed: I put the outer cap in the hip. Now that the all the hip covers are in place, I screw them together with 4 screws: Stage complete
  9. Stage 55, the right thigh: I get parts 53-1 and 54-1 and put them together. Simply pushing them together is enough for them to join: Then I put some small dabs of glue into the 4 nut holes on the thigh. Then I drop in each nut: Sometimes the nuts will not go in for me. I find that putting the nuts on a screw driver helps guide it in straight: Now I rest the 53-1/54-1 assembly over the thigh, making sure it is aligned with the nuts: Stage complete
  10. stage 53, more parts for the pelvis and torso: To start, I slide the inner side muscle into the thoracic side muscle: Now the other hip socket fits on just like the first: Stage complete
  11. Stage 52, muscle and pelvic plate: The outer muscle and inner muscle go into each other like so: Next, I put some glue on the muscle cap, then slide it over the inner muscle to connect with the outer muscle: The muscle connection is from the previous stage. I put some glue on it and stick it in the outer muscle on the other side to the previous step: The pelvic plate now pushes into the pelvis and connects by itself: Stage complete
  12. Stage 51, pelvic detail: Firstly, the pelvic plate sits on the front of the pelvis. I did not use any glue for this as it sits securely: Now I take the hip socket, and ad a dab of glue, then press it onto the hip: Stage complete. The muscle connection isn't used yet:
  13. Final stage of the pack, connecting the pelvis to the terminator: Firstly, four nets go into each corner of the connection plate. Make sure to glue them as you will not be able to hold them when the go into the spine in the next step: Now I place the connection plate into the bottom of the spinal cord. It is then held in place with a big nut. I use a spanner to make sure it is tight: Now the pelvis assembly goes onto the connection plate like so: Now from underneath, I screw in the pelvis into the connection plate where I
  14. Stage 48, joining right pelvis to left: firstly, I take the assembly from stage 45, and 47. Then I join the two parts together just by pushing two slots into two holes: The square frame part from this stage attaches on teh same way with 2 holes which go into two slots: Now the other pelvic assembly from stage 46 attaches onto the other side like so: Next, I take four screws and screw them into the top of the pelvis: I screw in another two screws into the pelvis: Some more screws go into
  15. Version 1.0.0


    The Terminator: Build the T-800 Pack 5 Build Instructions
  16. Stage 49, detailing the pelvis: The left pelvic shield goes on the same, just by adding a dab of glue and squeezing together: Next, I place the two pelvic sockets into the pelvic shield, and they both screw in: The pelvic plate goes onto the front of the pelvis. I test fit, and then apply some glue into the recess. Then I slot the pelvic plate in: Stage complete
  17. Stage 47, central pelvic frame: I put these two similar shaped parts together, then use 4 screws to join them: The other metal part then screws on to the end with 2 screws: Stage completed
  18. Stage 46, right pelvis: Firstly, I place the metal frame onto the pelvis, and screw it in with 6 screws: Now I place the pelvis decoration piece on and screw it in just like the left pelvis: I apply some glue to the fang shaped decoration and stick it onto the pelvis: Stage complete:
  19. Stage 45, left pelvic frame: The left pelvic frame is the same as the right, so i repeat the same steps. I screw the pelvic plate to the frame: Then screw on the next bit with 2 nuts: Now the pelvic detail that looks like a shark tooth sticks onto the pelvis: Stage complete
  20. Stage 44, right side of the pelvis: I place the pelvic frame part from stage 43 onto the pelvic girdle. It fits in nicely. Once it is like this, I screw them together with 6 screws: Now I grab the pelvic girdle detail and screw it onto the pelvis with 2 screws: Stage complete
  21. Stage 43, pelvis: To start off, I take the right pelvic frame and screw the right pelvic plate on to it: Next, I place two nuts in the frame. I put both nuts in the photo to show where they go, but it is easier to screw in one nut at a time: Stage complete
  22. Stage 42, vertebra and spinal cord: Firstly, I lay the vertebra out from smallest to biggest. Then I take the biggest piece and put the spinal cord through it. The narrower and smaller end of the spinal cord should go through first so that it is at the top. It is difficult to push the spinal cord through the vertebra. It will go in easier if you wiggle it and push hard at the same time. The spine is now ready for me to attach onto the terminator assembly. It screws on with the screw thread at the top of the spinal cord: Stag
  23. Stage 42, vertebra: I place the shallower casing into the vertebra connector, then the spindle goes through the hole in the middle: Now I cover over the spindle with the deeper vertebra casing: I hold the assembly together with my fingers, and push it on to the terminator. Then I use the four screws to hold everything together: Stage complete
  24. Version 1.0.0


    The Terminator: Build the T-800 Pack 4 Build Instructions
  25. Stage 24, joining the arm to the hand: I grab the two peices of ball joint and screw them together: Now I use another screw to attach the ball joint to the hand: Then the hand attaches to the arm. I push the joints together hard until they clip in. The big socket goes into the big ball joint and the rest line up to be pushed in: Then you have the muscle springs still dangling around, so I just thread them through the hand so they are all straight and not overlapping each other: Now the end of the muscle sp
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