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T-800 Terminator Pack 3 - Stage 22

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Stage 22, face and jaw:



First thing to do in this stage is the jaw connectors. I found them to be quite tricky, so here are two methods I used to build them:

method 1: balance the two jaw connector parts together, and carefully insert the pin then squeeze with pliers:


method 2: balance the pin on the jaw connector, then slide in the other jaw connector piece and squeeze with pliers:



Finally, you can take the face and slide it onto the head. Now the T-800 is looking scary:



Stage complete


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26 minutes ago, Beamerboy said:

Looks great to have the jaw connector parts installed. Do you have a preferred method of the two mentioned, General Lou?

Yeah the jaw connectors look great.

For me, method two was easier, but then you are relying on the balance of the pin, and sometimes the pin will just fall straight through. So method one is easier when the pin doesn't stay balanced. Feel free to leave tips if you have any when you come to do it!

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